• Investigating Shadows

    What makes a shadow? Do shadows change? This is the second in a series of activities that we would like to share with you, that will help encourage your class or setting to discuss investigations into light, dark and shadows. Read more

  • Investigating Light

    Children learn at an early age that darkness is the absence of light. Read more

  • Schematic play part 2 - enveloping and orientation

    My wife is one of three girls and tells me that on Christmas morning when they were growing up, once the excitement of unwrapping the presents was over, they would take all of the crumpled paper, smooth it out and re-wrap the presents, then repeat the unwrapping. This perfectly illustrates the satisfaction children get from wrapping up, and the schema known as 'envelping'. It is partly a magic trick - the object is no longer there. It has been transformed by the child magician into something else. Read more

  • How to make a felt Gingerbread Person Christmas decoration

    Follow our simple step by step guide on how to use a variety of materials to create a beautiful Christmas tree decoration. Non-specialist art teachers will find this 'Christmas How to' ideal, as the activity focuses on techniques that can be easily adapted for various seasonal activities and can be used as fun take home gifts or classroom decorations. Read more

  • Festive learning

    Christmas is not just about crafts, Santa and presents. From toys of yesteryear, writing letters and festive baking, to Santas' travels, the Nativity and Christian celebrations, we delve into a cross curricular approach to learning at this festive time of year. Read more

  • 'Christmas How to...' Santa's Grotto

    Why not try and recreate this festive Christmas 'How to’ make a Santa's Grotto… in your classroom or learning environment?  With the help of this step by step guide to follow, and using one of our giant dark dens along with some of our Christmas themed materials, you too can have a Santa’s Grotto. Read more

  • GIVEAWAY - Santa's Reindeer and Sleigh worth £155

    Create a little Christmas magic using this fantastic festive set. Ideal for setting the scene when making a 'Santa's Grotto!' This will engage children's imagination, excitement and creativity as they work together decorating a sleigh and reindeer Santa would be proud to travel in! To be in with the chance of winning, please follow the instructions below.  Read more

  • Supporting Transition with Alistair Bryce-Clegg

    Children have experienced many changes in recent months. Many children are still undergoing various transitions, whether this is a new school or nursery, a new class, different routine or a change from part-time to full-time, as well as the transition to digital learning. Alistair Bryce-Clegg reminds us that children need to equally be supported after a transition has undergone, as well as before and during this process. Read more

  • Celebrating Strengths - A Tried and Tested Approach

    Celebrating Strengths has been successfully introduced into 15 primary schools across the UK, and is also used in Australian schools. It's being embraced by business professionals and child care settings alike making this a true ‘cradle to grave’ development tool. Read more

  • KS2 Make your own chair-o-plane

    Give pupils an opportunity to extend and use knowledge of electrical circuitry and switches to produce a fairground ride. Models can be driven by a motor, which has been geared down to a suitable speed by the use of a simple pulley system. Children can produce their own models, work in pairs or work together as a whole class! Read more

  • Valentine's Day Ideas

    Whether in nursery, pre-school or Primary, there’s something for every child and skill level in this ‘petite’ but inspiring collection of creative craft ideas we’ve found to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Children will love being immersed in exploring colour, texture and design whilst making delightful gifts for friends and family! Read more

  • Making the most of Magic Snow

    Have you had snow yet? Bring snow into your learning environment with this wonderful sensory resource. It can be used in a variety of contexts and at any time of the year. Children love this amazing sensory magic snow as it's light, soft and fluffy. Read more

  • Celebrating Strengths - Building Character and Enjoying Learning

    Our second in a series of guest blog spots from Jenny Fox Eades, developer of ‘Celebrating Strengths‘ – a whole school approach for promoting mindfulness, well-being and creativity in both staff and students. Jenny is also the author of Celebrating Strengths, Classroom Tales and Strengths Gym - a PSHE programme for secondary schools based on the VIA strengths. Read more

  • Maths at Home - Engaging Parents

    Children learn from the example set by their parents. The support parents give for their children’s cognitive development is important, as is instilling of values, aspirations and support for the development of wider interpersonal and social skills. Read more

  • Remembrance Day biscuits

    As we approach the 11th of the 11th and poppies bloom on school jumpers and blazer lapels across the country, it’s time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice given by the thousands of brave servicemen and women in our armed forces. Life has a habit of speeding along at a rapid pace as days blur into weeks, which become months and before we know it, another academic year has flown past. Why not take time out with your class, or your children at home, to make these pretty Remembrance Day Cookies? Read more

  • TTS at the Education Show 2014

    Read more