• Twinkl Platinum Plus Subscription Giveaway

    Like you, we love a bit of Twinkl! Their fabulous packs are full of amazing resources, useful print-outs for every theme and topic to inspire you. We are very pleased to be able to offer you the chance of winning this fantastic Platinum Plus subscription! Find out more below about this great giveaway, what is included in the subscription and how to enter. Read more

  • Advent calendars

    Advent calendars are a great favourite with children in the lead up to Christmas. Here are a few ideas about how you might use the idea of advent and the excitement of counting down, without necessarily including chocolate! Read more

  • Making your own brushes

    Do you ever get the feeling that your students are getting a little too precious about their work and working with what’s comfortable and predictable? They have their perfect pencils, their favourite paintbrush and it’s all about control, control, control. Work becomes tight and less exploratory. All accidents are disasters. When expectations match results, but go no further, then maybe it’s time to start thinking about running a 'Making Brushes' workshop. Read more

  • The World In My kitchen

    As part of the Nourish Books virtual book tour we spoke to Sally and Kate (details below) about their latest book “The World In My Kitchen”. We discussed some of the questions teachers frequently ask them about cooking in the classroom. Covering everything from health and safety to recipes for children of varying abilities and skill levels. Read more

  • Rebuilding the Karunga Primary School in Kenya

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  • TTS wins two Education Resources Awards 2012

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  • TTS honoured with Queen's Award for International Trade

    The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is for British businesses and other organisations who excel in international trade, innovation or sustainable development. They are the highest official UK awards for British businesses and we have just won one! Read more

  • Early Years Themes: Dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs, WOW! Young children love dinosaurs. To the youngest minds, dinosaurs are fantastical creatures with extraordinary features. Toddlers love learning about dinosaurs and imagining what the world was like in prehistoric times. They enjoy looking at detailed dinosaur illustrations, hearing stories about the dinosaur world and dancing to songs about dinosaurs. Read more

  • A dinosaur comes to lunch!

    Following Oliver and Frank’s fascination with dinosaurs. After building a swomp and a den, the boys decided to invite the Stegosaurus for lunch! Read more

  • Harry and the Dinosaurs Romp Around the Swamp

    An adventure in the Land of the Dinosaurs! Create an inspiring world for children to explore starting with a book. Below we chose Harry and the Dinosaurs Romp Around the Swamp. Read more

  • Early Years Themes: Transport

    We know that settings love creating wonderful learning locations. Children enthuse at entering magical worlds where they can immerse themselves in role play scenarios. We also appreciate that sometimes it is the simplest ideas that ignite imaginations. Read more

  • Popping Rockets

    Bringing Solids, Liquids and Gases to life! Read more

  • Top educational toy ideas for Christmas for age 3 - 7 years

    With Christmas fast approaching we delve into our top 10 resources that are perfect for educational presents. Read more

  • How the resources you love are brought to life!

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  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG)

    Francesca Ross, Literacy Co-ordinator and Teacher writes about the new SPaG test and resources that can help children. Read more

  • Fairies and elves found at forest school!

    On a sunny but cold friday afternoon the children had a delivery from the postman. To the children's astonishment it was a letter from a fairy godmother who was missing a fairy. She was believed to be hiding at Forest School. The children's imaginations were ignited with the thought of searching for a fairy. They put on their wellies and coats and explored the site looking for clues! To their amazement, there was fairy dust (glitter)...everywhere!  Read more