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How to make a magical woodland learning location

Whether searching for the ‘Gruffalo’, Going on a Bear Hunt, recreating a fairy tale or going ‘camping’, use our fantastic photographic backdrops, basic art room materials and a little imagination to transform an area of your school into a versatile ‘enchanted’ woodland learning area that everyone will love!

Posted on Wednesday 08th February 2017

Follow these quick, easy steps and simple resources to create your sun dappled woodland scene…who wouldn’t want to crawl inside our cave for a quiet read!

Woodland cave learning location

What you need:

Woodland Backdrop
Smart-Fab Creative Display Fabric Roll – Grass Green
Smart-Fab Creative Display Fabric Roll – Apple Green
Kid-Eco Igloo – White (cave)
Kid-Eco castle – White
Camouflage Den Set
Smart-Fab Creative Display Fabric Roll – Sky Blue
Cloud fabric
Ceiling magnets
Light Brown Heavy Duty Craft Roll 900mm x 50m
Tree stumps
Tree foam log
Grass Printed Bean Bag Cubes
Giant Wishing Tree
Fine Hessian 5m
Artificial grass path

Step 1

Hang the Woodland themed Immersive Environments backdrops using either curtain wire, garden canes, curtain poles or hook & loop.

Woodland themed learning location

Step 2

If you want to add further wall decoration or a lovely leafy canopy overhead use our Camouflage Den Set. We’ve also added a sunny blue sky with puffy white clouds (Cloud Fabric), a ‘tree trunk’ made out of a length of crumpled & roughly painted Heavy Duty Craft Roll and more greenery using green and brown Smart-fab Creative Display Fabric Roll.

Step 3

In order to create a more sensory & realistic environment we lined the floor with Heavy Duty Craft roll so that bark could be scattered all around the area and added an artificial grass path.

Woodland themed learning location

Step 4

To make the ‘cave’ construct the cardboard igloo following the instructions making a sturdy ‘den’ area (we haven’t added the tunnel entrance). Wrap the base of the igloo with crumpled craft roll then lay hessian over the roof. Cut a wide strip of the craft roll, twist it to make it more 3D and stick around the entrance to the cave. Use a glue gun to do this as it’s quick and easy! Add fake (or real!) moss & leaves for more colour and texture. Add a rug and comfy cushions to create a relaxing secret reading/mark making/creative area.

Step 5

Finish setting the scene by adding our Giant Wishing Tree, create seating areas using grass and woodland tree stump bean bags and use fake (or real) foliage – maybe even build a camp fire!

Woodland themed learning location

Why not switch the cave for a lovely fairy tale cardboard castle? Fit for a king! (or queen/prince/princess!)

Castle woodland themed learning location

Made from sturdy cardboard the surface can be decorated with paint/oil pastels/crayons/ felt tips just use a little imagination!

Add a beautiful sparkling lake made from coloured card with a top layer of iridescent foil.

The Giant Papier Mache Tree makes a fantastic extra for any scene – here is a short video of it being built:

With thanks to Nicky Mountcastle (our resident Art & Craft expert) and her team for creating these wonderful learning locations. Check out our other inspirational scenes below.

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