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10 Fun Easter Activities

Here are 10 Easter themed activities to inspire you at home.

Posted on Tuesday 16th March 2021

Here are 10 Easter themed activities to enjoy together:

1. Create an egg-cellent scene

Hard boil an egg or several eggs and decorate them to create egg-cellent characters. You could paint your eggs, stick things onto them or why not attach feet or arms?

Get creative and turn your eggs into an amazing egg scene. You could decorate them all differently to create a farmyard or create egg characters from your favourite film!

2. Create an Easter bonnet

You can create an Easter bonnet by using a new hat, upcycling one that you don’t wear any more, or measuring a piece of card round your head to make a band to decorate. Choose lots of Easter themed decorations (either bought from the shop or made at home) and stick them onto your hat. You could follow a theme or just go Easter crazy!

Why not organise an Easter bonnet parade with friends or family … you could do this virtually too!

3. Match the eggs hunt

  • Draw (or photocopy) lots of egg shape templates on pieces of paper. They can be all the same size or vary the size too.
  • Ask children to decorate the eggs with lots of different patterns.
  • Cut the eggs in half.
  • Scatter the egg pieces all around your house, garden or outdoor space (don’t hide matching halves together).
  • Start your egg hunt – children must find two matching halves that make up a whole egg. You could have a mini Easter treat for each matching egg they find.

This activity is great for developing observational skills of matching size, colour and shape.

4. Make your own Easter Scramble

Write down a list of words that make you think of Easter, such as egg, Easter, and bunny. Create an ‘Easter Word Scramble’ by jumbling up the letters in each of the words and setting someone a challenge to unscramble the letters and find the original word.

For example:

a) gge … egg

b) ynubn … bunny

5. Set up egg hunts

Egg hunts are one of the most popular things to do at Easter. You could set up a simple chocolate egg hunt, or why not make it a bit different by setting some learning challenges too.

You could make a maths egg hunt by hiding calculation eggs and answer eggs. Children have to hunt for a matching pair of eggs. Or, hide eggs that have numbers on them. Children have to find the eggs and then put the numbers in order. Alternatively, set up a literacy hunt. Hide eggs that have letters or words on. Children hunt the eggs and then use the letters to spell words or the words to spell out a hidden Easter themed sentence!

6. Create your own pom pom animals

Pom poms are a great way to make Easter themed animals. Have a go at making some of your own pom poms, combine them and then decorate to make the animals come to life!

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Giant pom poms also make irresistible chicks or rabbits. Simply add pipe cleaners, feathers, ears and googly eyes!

7. Textured Easter Eggs

Make eggs out of coloured card and decorate them using different objects to create different textures, for example pipe cleaners, buttons, or natural items. You could make your eggs smooth, rough, hard, or bumpy. Once made, you could turn them into a handmade card or punch holes in them and create an Easter hanging mobile.

8. Egg and Spoon Race

Have an egg and spoon race a prize for the winner. Add extra obstacles to make things a bit trickier!

9. Chocolate nests

Create your own edible nests using chocolate, shredded wheat or cornflakes. Add some chocolate eggs for a tasty treat!

10. Create an Easter quiz.

Find out lots of interesting Easter themed facts and create a quiz to share with family or friends. You could create a trophy or Easter themed prize for the winner.

Don’t forget, it is also important for children to understand why Easter is so important for many people, so try and share an Easter story together.

One final thought …Why not have hard boiled eggs and soldiers for an egg themed breakfast?

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