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Follow our simple guides to create cute characters from pom poms, plus, celebrate the onset of spring by making simple but beautiful blooms for classroom displays or gorgeous take home gifts!

Posted on Tuesday 31st March 2015

Spring Crafts

Pom Pom Characters

Our cute Chick, Bunny and Bee are made using handmade pom poms. The smaller pom poms (for the head) are made on a fork, the larger wrapped around your hand! Check out the basic step-by-step guide below.

Hand Wrapping Technique

Step 1

Start by wrapping yarn around your fingers about 40-50 times (great way to get the kids counting!) Feeling adventurous? Use more than one colour, alternate wrapping the colours to create an even mix or stripe.

TIP: The more yarn you wrap the fatter the pom pom.

Step 2

When you’re happy with the size of your pom pom, cut a separate piece of yarn (around 30cm) thread between your fingers and tie a knot to hold yarn in place. Carefully slide scissors through the loops of yarn (may take a bit of supervision) and snip. Trim your pom poms into a nice round ball shape.

pom pom crafts

Fork Technique

Step 1

Cut a long piece of yarn (approx. the length of the fork when doubled) and thread one end through the centre prong of the fork, pull down the other side of the fork level with the other end. Hold in place with your hand. (This piece is used to tie the pom pom together).

Step 2

Take the end of the coloured ball of yarn, anchor it under your thumb then wrap the wool around the fork approx. 20 times. Use the separate piece of yarn to knot in the centre of the wrapped wool. Slide off the fork. Snip along the centre of the ‘loops’ to create a fluffy pom pom!

Tip: If you need to trim the pom poms into a shape, save the bits and use them as a colourful collage material – no waste!!

Step 3

Use one or two pom poms to create your characters. Add wiggly eyes, cut out feet, wings and ears etc from EVA foam or felt and stick together with PVA glue.

pom pom

Beautiful Blooms

spring bloom craft

Step 1

Take 4 or 5 paper cases put one on top of the other and fold the set in half. Use scissors to ‘chip’ into the outside of the case to create petals.

spring bloom craft

Step 2

Separate the cases then use PVA glue to stick each layer together, one on top of the other and leave to dry.  ‘Ruffle’ the layers to create more of a 3D effect.

Step 3

Add glitter glue or sequins etc to the centre of the flower and stick onto a pipe cleaner to make the stem.


Happy making!