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Early Years Inspiration - Torch Play

Today's children are growing up surrounded by and becoming familiar with Digital Technology. Through play opportunities children can experience a range of resources that support their ICT knowledge and understanding as well as enhancing other key skills.

Posted on Thursday 16th April 2015

Torch play

Hints and tips for using torches!

  • Don’t throw away your fancy packaging! Investigate colour with your children by providing a table of materials, for example, netting, sweet papers and tissue paper. Can they change the colour of the light beam? What happens when they project on white paper? On black? On newsprint? On their hand?
  • Have you got a dark den in your classroom to discover colour and lightIf not, make one with a blanket over a table and cushions on the floor underneath. Make a label for the outside that says, “Secret Spy Reading.” Using a set of torches, let children into the den with their reading book, library book or favourite book to secretly spy sounds should be heard!!
  • Sorting transparent, translucent and opaque materials – Provide a consistent background to project onto and the set of materials to be investigated, for example, some tin foil, clear plastic, coloured plastic, wood, water in a variety of containers, cotton towelling, cotton wool. The children should predict which of the three categories the materials should be placed in and then test their predictions using the torch.
  • Combine shadows and language learning – Create a shadow of a well-known object onto a board, screen or a clear bit of wall. Can the children guess what the object is from the shadow image and name it?
  • Make some sensory boxes – Collect some cardboard boxes and cut a small hole on one side just big enough for a small hand to get through. Place objects in the box and ask the children to feel inside the box and guess the object. Now, use the torch and peek inside – what can you see, were you correct?

Torch play

Easi-Torch is set of 6 ultra-bright LED rechargeable torches are great for exploring light and shadows without the worry of replacing batteries or having a dim light. A perfect way of combining ICT and Science for early years children.

Written by Carol Allen and Claire Graham to provide insights and practical suggestions for practitioners to help you make the most of learning opportunities in your setting.