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The magic of childhood - creating lasting memories

Childhood is all about discovery and learning. Do you remember making perfume with rose petals or mud pies to take home for Dad? Thinking about our own childhood provokes memories and experiences that we had growing up. What memories will you create at home or in the classroom for your children? Do your children have the freedom to experiment, discover and explore? Who knows what trigger will ignite the spark that leads to the next architect, scientist or explorer?

Posted on Thursday 27th September 2018

Magic of childhood

By provoking your memories of childhood, we want to help you to rediscover and rekindle a love for creating happy memories. Of course we understand that not all childhoods are happy for one reason or another but this only makes it more important to make our children’s memories the best that they can be – to look back on in later life and smile.

The magic of childhood

Children should be in charge of their own learning “Child-led learning”, a path that they find interesting. We, as parents, teachers, practitioners, caregivers should provide endless provocations to facilitate great play and learning. Immerse children in exploratory play, giving them the tools to develop their skills independently – with a watchful eye and interjecting with questions and discussion. ‘Can you imagine?’ What do you think would happen if?’ Creating magical, open ended learning experiences.

What do we want children to be?

  • To be confident
  • To be capable
  • To be inquisitive
  • To manage their own risks
  • To be happy and well

Where will your influence lead? Encourage learning:

  • Jump in a puddle that is just waiting to be jumped into – what happens when we jump in the puddle? What noise can we hear? How does it make us feel?
  • Kick leaves as you wander on your way – What colours can you see, what noise do the leaves make when you stand on them and kick them?
  • Catch a falling snowflake on your tongue – how does it make your tongue feel?
  • The joy of discovering insects under a stone – awe and wonder – what bugs can you identify? How many legs does that bug have?

Potion making

“I love making messy mixtures and powerful petal potions. I like seeing things blend together and watching as it changes when it is swirled together.”

Today I play with potions, tomorrow I explore chemistry.

Den making

“I like building dens for me to hide in and sit and think. I love to read books and play in my special place. I build it tall and put my favourite things inside. It’s a place to keep them all safe.”

Today I build dens, tomorrow I am an architect designing skyscrapers.


“I love to dance, and listen to music. I love to run and jump and climb too. Being outside is my favourite”

Today I dance and run outside, tomorrow I am an Olympian.

minibeast hunting

“I love to explore and see what I can find hiding under rocks and inside small spaces. I love animals and minibeasts and like watching them all day.”

Today I watch animals, tomorrow I am a zoologist.


“I like stacking, and balancing.”

Today I stack wooden blocks, tomorrow I am a builder on a construction site.

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The magic of childhood