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Talking-Point Recordable Buttons

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Battery-powered buttons designed for recording and playback of sound.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

10 Seconds of Sound

Designed to record ten seconds of high-quality sound, each button supports children in capturing quick audio notes, facilitating efficient and effective auditory learning and self-reflection.

Clear Audio Output

These buttons ensure loud and clear audio output, making them suitable for classroom activities and helping children listen to recorded content without strain.

Versatile Learning Tool

Acting as a cross-curricular resource, you can integrate these buttons into various subjects to enhance learning through auditory engagement.

Included Replaceable Batteries

To avoid the hassle of frequent replacements, these buttons are designed with replaceable batteries, ensuring continuous use, as convenience is key.

Language Skill Enhancement

By recording and playing back their own voices, children can practice language skills at their own pace, promoting confidence and interactive learning.

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Talking-Point Recordable Buttons

Battery-powered buttons designed for recording and playback of sound.


  • Talking-Point recordable buttons empower children to engage deeply with learning content through auditory means. These buttons, with a diameter of 45mm, are designed for ease of use in busy classroom settings. Recording and playback capabilities allow children to interact actively by documenting and reviewing their own voices or other sounds, which is instrumental in developing language skills and auditory comprehension.

  • In educational environments, these buttons are pivotal auditory aids, especially for enhancing inclusivity. They deliver clear and loud sound, ensuring all children can participate in audio-based learning tasks. Teachers can leverage these buttons to foster an engaging and dynamic auditory learning atmosphere.

  • These sound buttons also come with replaceable batteries, ensuring they are ready for continuous use without interruptions. Their durable build suits daily educational use, guaranteeing longevity and reliability in supporting classroom activities.

Technical Summary



  • 1 Year