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Food Aromas 500ml

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Enhance messy play with captivating food aromas in lemon, strawberry, and peppermint.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Enhanced Sensory Experience

Enhance sensory experiences by incorporating delightful food aromas into play resources. Ideal for use across various activities, they ensure a rich olfactory engagement for children.

Versatile Use

These versatile scents offer a variety of options for customising sensory activities, ensuring freshness and appeal in every use, with options available in lemon, strawberry, and peppermint.

Large Volume

These large 500ml bottles provide ample quantity for frequent use in educational settings, making them suitable for continuous provision and ensuring play resources remain inviting and fresh.

Safe and Appealing

Safe for children, these food aromas are perfect for adding a unique scent to sensory play, enriching the olfactory exploration.

Curriculum Support

Enhance curriculum-focused sensory development with these inviting scents which encourage exploration of the sense of smell, enriching engagement in sensory activities and scientific inquiry.

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Food Aromas 500ml

Enhance messy play with captivating food aromas in lemon, strawberry, and peppermint.


  • Our food aromas provide a unique opportunity to enhance sensory activities within your educational settings. Incorporating scents such as mint, lemon, and strawberry into resources or water trays lets children explore with their sense of smell in addition to touch.

  • These aromas are not only safe but also come in generously sized 500ml bottles, ideal for frequent use in classrooms. They are a practical addition for continuous provision, ensuring a durable supply.

  • Utilise these scents to diversify sensory experiences in support of learning objectives that involve scientific exploration and sensory recognition. From minty dough to strawberry-scented potions, each activity becomes engaging and enjoyable for children.

Technical Summary


    Age Range

  • Suitable for age 3 years and up