Catalogue file for school financial management systems

It’s easy to download a copy of our catalogue to add into your school’s ordering or financial management system (FMS) – simply click on the link below.

These 3 easy steps are prepared for using Windows 10 and the latest IE Browser.

Step 1 - Prepare a Folder to save the file.

  • Go to your PC's Start icon which is usually found in the bottom left of your desktop.
  • Right click and select "File Explorer" in the menu.
  • Navigate to the C: drive (Local Disk) on 'my computer'.
  • Right click in the C: drive folder and you will be given a list of options.
  • Hover the mouse over the line that says "New" and select the Folder Option to create a new folder
  • Name the Folder - for example SIMS FMS or PS Financials

You can now close the Explorer Window and are now ready to go to Step 2 and download the required FMS file.

Step 2

Save the download below into the C:Drive destination folder you created.

    2018 PS Financials FMS   

  • Once saved and unzipped (the destination should default select the folder you are already in)
  • Press "Extract"
  • You will now have a zipped and unzipped folder in this location.

Step 3 for Capita SIMS FMS

To update an electronic catalogue used within the Capita SIMS FMS (Accounting system for Windows) Module you should proceed as follows:

  • Load FMS6, entering a valid username and password, the user must have the appropriate rights to import a catalogue file
  • Expand the drop down menu entitled Focus
  • Highlight Accounts Payable from the list and move the mouse across to select Supplier
  • Choose TTS from the scrollable list of suppliers
  • Move the mouse over the 3rd tab, of Supplier Details, called Catalogue, now select Import Catalogue
  • The "Supplier Catalogue Import Window" will open, now click on the browse button on the right hand side of this window
  • The "Select Catalogue Location" window will now open
  • Browse to the folder you created (as shown in the above steps) and click "Select"

Step 3 for PS Financials FMS

Please refer to the PDF included with the downloaded file for full set up instructions.

Step 3 for RM Accounts FMS

Right-click the required catalogue from the Download section of this article and save the catalogue file to an accessible location on your network. Extract the contents of the zip file.

Prior to importing each supplier catalogue into RM Accounts, you must create a home for it. If you already have an earlier catalogue on RM Accounts for a particular supplier, you may have done this already.

Create a home:

  • Click Module, CRM, Settings, Classification Types, Code: Main, Comment: Main Item List.
  • Click Module, Sales Ledger, Settings, Item Classifications, New.
  • In the Code field, type the details in the read me file related to catalogue.
  • In the Name field, type the details in the read me file related to catalogue.
  • In the Type field, type MAIN.
  • In the Classification field, type MAIN.
  • In the Colour field, type Black.

Note: It is important that the Code and Name fields are populated as detailed in the read me file associated with the catalogue, otherwise the import will fail.

Import the catalogue:

  • Click Module > System > Routines > Imports.
  • Click Manual > File Search > Browse and browse to the .txt file.
  • Depending on the size of the file, it may take some time for the import to be completed.

Once you have completed the import, create a purchase order and test that some of the part numbers have imported. Please ensure the pricing reflects your agreement with the supplier.

Once you confirm this selection the catalogue will begin to import and you will see the thousands of product catalogue lines upload in your progress bar.

Remember now when you place your order you can use the standard method of order creation entering the product code you are given.

Please do not enter any numerical 3 digit prefix, just enter the product code beginning EY or PE etc.

Life is easier for you when you have the TTS catalogue uploaded! - Enjoy!