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Supporting Mark Making Outdoors

In this blog we explore ideas for supporting mark making outdoors.

Posted on Monday 08th April 2024

Supporting Mark Making Outdoors

Support mark making outdoors. Mark making is a creative and expressive activity that allows children to explore patterns, lines, shapes, and textures on various surfaces. Beyond traditional paper, outdoor mark making provides a unique opportunity for young learners to engage with their environment and develop essential skills.

Why Outdoor Mark Making Matters

Taking writing outdoors allows pupils to freely make marks and enables them to express themselves beyond pencil and paper. Encouraging exploration and creativity the outdoors gives children the opportunity to experiment with different tools and materials, from chalk to paint sticks, on surfaces like chalkboards, and mirrors. This freedom encourages creativity and curiosity.

Mark making involves fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and muscle control. Engaging in these activities outdoors allow children to move freely, enhancing their physical development.

The outdoor environment also stimulates the senses. Children will love feeling the breeze on their faces, hearing birds, and smelling the fresh air, making mark-making a multi-sensory experience.

Here are some Outdoor Mark Making Resources you might like to look at for supporting mark making outdoors. All the boards mentioned here come with free downloadable activity ideas for you to use and enjoy.

Support mark making outdoors with:  TTS Outdoor Mark Making Chalkboards

Outdoor Mark Making Chalkboard Daisies, mini-beasts, trees and more.

These delightful chalkboards shapes are perfect for outdoor mark making.

Children can use chalk to create patterns, write letters, or draw imaginative scenes.

The wipe-clean surface ensures easy maintenance.

Mark Making Chalkboard Activity Cards- Free to download

Chalkboard Activity ideas

Support mark making outdoors with: TTS Mark Making Mirror Trees, Leaves, Daisies.

Organic-shaped acrylic mirrored canvases designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Investigate reflections and explore creative mark making.

Wall-mount them using pre-drilled holes.

Ideal for art and sensory play.

Use shaving foam, chalk crayons, paint sticks, or chalk markers to create patterns.

Outdoor Mark Making Mirrors Activity Cards- Free to download

Mark making mirror ideas

Support mark making outdoors with: TTS Eco Outdoor Mark Making Chalkboard Flowers.

Practical and Eco-friendly these chalkboards are made from recycled plastic. They are available in three sizes and are ideal for the outdoor classroom.

Reusable writing surfaces great for using across the curriculum.

Naturally waterproof so perfect for outside.

Eco Flower Activity Ideas- Free to download

Activity ideas

Other Mark Making Resources

Outdoor Jumbo Playground Chalk: Encourage large-scale drawings.Jumbo Chalks

Egg-Shaped Chalks: Perfect for little hands.Egg chalks

Chubbie Paint Markers: Vibrant and easy to grip. Paint Markers

TTS Clear Acrylic Outdoor Nature Easel: Explore mark making in natural surroundings.Outdoor Nature Easel

TTS Assorted Chalk Marker Pens: High-quality chalk marker pens for temporary marking.Chalk Marker Pens

Outdoors is ideal for mark making and developing writing skills. Outdoor mark making fosters creativity and gives pupils sensory experiences to help engage them. Nurseries and schools can transform their outdoor spaces into vibrant canvases where children’s imaginations can come alive.

 So, grab the chalk, chalkboards or mirror boards, and other mark making tools, and let the outdoor adventures begin!