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Calming Cat and Calming Kittens by SENsible SENCO

Looking for versatile resources that help children to learn about and regulate their behaviours, feelings and emotions? Join the SENsible SENCO to find out more about the Calming Cat and Calming Kittens.

Posted on Friday 22nd December 2023

Versatile Tools (or cats) to have in your Toolkit

I am often asked to suggest resources to help regulate children’s behaviours, feelings and emotions. The Calming Cat and Calming Kittens from TTS have been exceptionally versatile tools in that toolkit, with benefits that extend through the entire school year, across most key stages.

Calming Cat and Calming Kittens

Calming Cat

The Calming Cat, (see our previous review) with its understated design and comforting texture, is an incredibly versatile and well used resource. Their presence has proved beneficial for older pupils who appreciate a discreet calming influence. The associated resource cards are invaluable, imparting a variety of calming strategies that seamlessly integrate into daily activities or provide quick interventions, allowing students to find balance and focus in their learning environment.

Calming Cat

Calming Kittens

Moving on to the Calming Kittens – these vibrant, colour-coded plush toys help students identify and communicate their emotions, but with the Calming Kittens, the focus pivots towards the specificity of calming exercises each colour represents. Their varied hues do more than distinguish emotions; they guide children toward targeted exercises for self-regulation, which is especially useful for visual learners.

For instance, a blue Calming Kitty may emphasize deep-breathing exercises, while a green one might suggest singing routines. Through this innovative approach, children of various age groups can employ the Calming Kitten that best aligns with their present emotional state and the coping strategy they need. This chromatic strategy echoes the success found in older, emotion-focused resources but brings the tangibility of self-regulation exercises directly into a child’s hands, offering an empowering sense of control over their own well-being.

Calming Kittens

Bringing Calm to the Chaos

While our joyful display of these calming tools in their festive Christmas tree setting may catch the eye, it is their year-round applicability and the support they offer to students that truly makes this resource shine. They are not just seasonal ornaments; they are foundational elements in the creation of a supportive, understanding learning space for students of varying ages and emotional needs.

My Verdict

Recommending the Calming Cat and Calming Kittens from TTS becomes second nature when you witness the positive change they bring. They are an investment into the nuanced world of emotional regulation resources, an embracement of the individuality of our students, and a commitment to their continuous personal, emotional, and educational growth.

Calming Cat and Calming Kittens

Thank you to Abigail Hawkins, SENsible SENCO for sharing this review with us.



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