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Sensory space resources

In this blog, Brookfield Primary School discuss the resources they used to create a sensory space and some of the learning opportunities.

Posted on Thursday 14th December 2023

In this blog, Sarah from Brookfield Primary School tells us about the resources they included when creating a sensory space for their children. She gives insights into some of the items chosen and explains how they were used.

Introducing Brookfield Primary School

Brookfield Primary is a two form entry school. It is part of the LEO academy trust. In our school, we have 12% SEN within the school and around 18% Pupil Premium.  Within our cohort of children we  have noticed an increase in the number of pupils that need alternative environments in school to better support and manage their sensory needs.  With this in mind, we have worked hard to develop different areas around the school, one of these being a sensory space.

Enhancing our sensory room further

We have always used TTS to provide the resources that we use to support our teaching and learning (SEN pupils particularly) and were keen to use some of the light up equipment in our new calming sensory space.  To complement the work that we had already done on the sensory room we chose some resources. These included:

  • TTS Hurricane Tube
  • TTS Glow Pebbles
  • TTS Light Up Infinity Mirror.

We believed that these resources would best engage our pupils and create a calming environment to meet all the needs of the children.

The learning outcomes for pupils are:

  • To be able to use resources to self-regulate
  • To be able to use resources to support emotional well-being

The resources and how they were used

Sensory Glow Pebbles

Children from EYFS through to Year 6 used the Sensory Glow Pebbles for a variety of purposes across all areas of the curriculum. Adults introduced the pebbles to the children through exploratory play and directed activities. Some of these include:

  • Verbally counting to 10, recognising and forming patterns, number bonds to 10
  • Language use such as greater than, less than
  • Exploring the world around them
  • Identifying one more and one less
  • Developing strategies to self-regulate when experiencing a range of emotions


Hurricane Tube

Our pupils have used the Hurricane Tube in our sensory space, particularly those with higher regulating needs. This resource has been utilised by children from EYFS through to Year 6. The tube has been used for a variety of purposes. Here are some examples:

  • Colour exploration
  • Cause and effect – the amount of air going through increasing the movement of the polystyrene balls
  • Developing strategies to self-regulate when experiencing a range of emotions
  • One of our children likes to feel the vibrations from the tube and this is an effective way for him to self soothe.

Sensory Space

Light Up Infinity Mirror

Children love looking into the Infinity Mirror and seeing their reflection and the effect from the lights.  Ways that we use the mirror include:

  • Exploratory play – exploring the world around them
  • Recognising and explaining pattern
  • Comparative language – in front, behind etc
  • Shape and reflection, mirror image
  • Developing strategies for self-regulation when experiencing a range of emotions

Sensor Space

Our thoughts about the resources and the impact they have had

Our initial belief was that these resources would be suitable for emotional regulation, but we were pleasantly surprised by the various ways in which we could integrate them into the curriculum. We have been able to use the resources to support learning in maths, science, art and the development of language.

We have included these resources in our nurturing strategy, which has been developed across the Trust. This has resulted in pupils having access to a wider range of opportunities to develop independent strategies for self-regulation.

Generally, the resources are used on an individual or small group basis and this has allowed school staff to develop more bespoke activities to support the pupils with their learning.

There has been a positive impact seen with all of the resources used, particularly with our children in EYFS and Year 1 who have a higher level of need.  All pupils have found the resources in the sensory space beneficial for their regulation and well-being. The resources have also supported language development across the curriculum and have been utilised during sessions with external professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Many thanks to Brookfield Primary School for sharing their thoughts with us.