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Exciting resources to inspire outdoor phonics.

In this blog we explore some fun ideas for outdoor phonics.

Posted on Monday 15th May 2023

Exciting phonics resources and inspiring activities to engage all pupils

Choose exciting resources that meet the varied needs of all pupils with fun, engaging and interactive phonic activities. There are numerous ways you can use resources such as the versatile Outdoor Phonics Mats and attractive Letter & Sounds Stars. View our downloadable resources for lots of inspiring ideas about phonics:


Outdoor Phonics Mats

Consolidate phonic knowledge and motive children to play with sounds using our colour-coded non-slip Phonics Mats.

Activities could include:

  • Creating phonics stepping-stone paths across a pretend river. Children jump from mat to mat saying the sounds out loud. Monitor and assess pupils progress in fun outdoor activities.


Letter & Sounds Stars

Perfect for playing phonic games. These brightly coloured stars are ideal for building words and reinforcing sounds. Attach them to walls or fences for an eye-catching resource that can have many cross-curriculum links.

Activities could include:

  • Hanging the Letter & Sounds stars on trees and taking the children on a Sound Hunt. Collect objects with that sound and record real and alien words.


Mini Phonics Mats

Brightly coloured mats for lots of fun phonics games.

Activities could include:

  • Burying the mats in the sand tray. Children are pirates digging for the treasure. They find the mats, say the sounds and build nonsense and real words.

Outdoor Wooden 44 Sounds Pieces

Showing all the phonics phases these pieces are appealing and motivating for outdoor learning. Use with wooden frames to segment and blend words.

Children will learn to recognise sounds in spoken language, connect them to written letters and blend them together to make words. With louder outside voices they will be excited to share ideas, learn together and enjoy fun outdoor phonics activities.