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Benefits of using the TTS Bamboo Eco Bed

The TTS Bamboo Eco Bed can have several benefits for both staff and children in Early Years settings. Read this blog to find out more.

Posted on Friday 28th April 2023

Sleeping pods such as the TTS Bamboo Eco Bed, can help infants to sleep comfortably and safely. Here are some of the ways that the Bamboo Eco Bed can benefit both the children and practitioners in your setting.

Bamboo Eco Bed

Comfort and Security

The Bamboo Eco Bed supports a child-led environment and provides a safe and cosy space, helping children to feel more comfortable and secure when resting. Although the bed can be used as a place for sleep, it can also double up as a little nook where children can take time out to process their thoughts, share a book, recharge, or play independently.

Independence and Self-Regulation

From an early age, children are capable of making choices about their own routines and begin to build their independence. Children can access the Bamboo Eco Bed independently, helping to support and promote healthy sleep habits which are essential for developing self-regulation skills. It encourages them to be aware of their own needs as they start to become aware of when they need a rest.

Bamboo Eco Bed


Health Benefits and Wellbeing

In terms of the practitioner’s health, the Bamboo Eco Bed can also help to relieve back pain that can result from leaning over, or lifting a child in and out of a cot. Some practitioners may choose to sit comfortably on the floor beside the bed, sitting on a bean bag or cushion. Being at the child’s level allows practitioners to share a bedtime story, sing a soothing lullaby, or just reassure them with their presence.

Space Saving and Versatile

These self-access beds are easy to assemble and stack which can help save space in nurseries and can accommodate multiple children in a smaller or shared area. Moving and repositioning them can easily provide flexibility and convenience for settings with changing needs and requirements.

Bamboo Eco Bed

Environmentally Considered and Safety Tested

Made from Bamboo, an environmentally considered material, and designed to be robust and practical but with a natural look and finish. The materials comply with the safety requirements necessary for sleep products and the beds have been safety tested. The design means that when stacking, a gap remains between the layers. This avoids the mattresses from touching and allows air to circulate.

Bamboo Eco Bed