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STEM at Home Projects with Videos

In this blog, Caroline Alliston, STEM expert, shares a selection of STEM at Home projects with how to videos suitable for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Posted on Tuesday 26th January 2021

In order to assist pupils with their home learning and enthuse them about STEM I have created a set of videos showing them how to make three different models linked to curriculum themes of materials & forces, magnetism and light & colour. These activities have all been tested extensively on children and are designed to appeal to both girls and boys. They are drawn from my TTS STEM Activity and Challenge Cards, but I have adapted the makes to use materials and tools which pupils are likely to be able to find around the house.

Learn how to make a Sailing Boat, Magnetic Compass and Coloured Spinner.

Most people have been found to learn best by doing (kinaesthetic learning), rather than by watching or listening, so I wanted to encourage this method of learning even when pupils are restricted to the home. The activities also demonstrate how the subjects they are learning are applied in practice, making them seem more relevant. Plus, they help pupils develop practical skills!

I also wanted to introduce related career opportunities. In the videos I explain that I am a professional engineer in order to reinforce the idea that engineering is not just for boys. I asked my son, who is a physics student, to write and present the explanation of the science behind each project. I felt that a male role model should help to engage boys, whilst also providing someone closer in age to the pupils themselves.

Using a subject specialist reduces the chances of incorrect or misleading content. My son gives a more detailed and rigorous explanation than I would normally give to Key Stage 2 pupils, also introducing some Key Stage 3 science concepts giving the pupils a brief insight into what they will be studying in the future.

Sailing Boat

The first TTS STEM AT HOME project video shows how to make a model sailing boat and relates to the topics of materials and forces.

Watch the video here:

In order to reinforce the learning from the activity the pupils can complete these relevant topics from BBC Bitesize:




Forces Force Click here
Friction Click Here
Air & water resistance Click Here
Gravity Click Here
Materials Material properties Click Here
Buoyancy Click Here

Magnetic Compass

The second TTS STEM AT HOME project video is how to make a magnetic compass, demonstrating the topic of magnetism.

Watch the video here:

These are relevant topics from BBC Bitesize:

Topic Sub-topic Link
Magnetism Magnets Click Here
Magnetic materials Click Here
Conductors & insulators Click Here

Coloured Spinner

The third TTS STEM AT HOME project video is how to make a coloured spinner and relates to the topics of light and colour.

Watch the video here:

These are relevant topics from BBC Bitesize:

Topic Sub-topic Link
Light Light and dark Click Here
Reflection Click Here
Colour Click Here


The three activities are adapted from the TTS STEM Challenge/Activity Cards – there are 10 STEM design and make activities in each set of cards:

Here is an extract from a review of the TTS STEM Challenge/Activity Cards in Primary Science Journal (Issue 164 Sept/Oct 2020)

My STEM club pupils couldn’t wait to get into these!

These sets of STEM activity and challenge cards each contain 10 A4 laminated project cards, helpfully colour coded by key stage. Each card has a comprehensive list of equipment needed to complete the activity including helpful instructions, and the back of each card has a clear explanation of the underlying scientific and engineering knowledge and understanding. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well the activities worked and I was delighted to find that most of the resources I needed could easily be found around school or purchased at a low cost. The pack comes tried and tested by my pupils and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Another winner by Caroline Alliston!

Elaine Stockdale. Science Lead, Tongwynlais Primary School

For more ideas of fun design and make STEM activities check out my website

STEM Expert Caroline Alliston

With thanks to Caroline Alliston for writing this blog for TTS.