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'Christmas How to...' Santa's Grotto

Why not try and recreate this festive Christmas 'How to’ make a Santa's Grotto… in your classroom or learning environment?  With the help of this step by step guide to follow, and using one of our giant dark dens along with some of our Christmas themed materials, you too can have a Santa’s Grotto.

Posted on Monday 09th November 2020

Making a Christmas Santa’s Grotto…

Christmas Crafts

Step 1

You will need to roll up the fabric opening to the giant dark den and securely tie in place using ribbon. Secure some mesh lights around the inside of the giant dark den using the hook and loop tabs found in the top inside corners of the den. Top Tip: decide which side you need the plug to be on before you put up the lights.  Next, scrunch some silver, or metallic fabric such as this winter fabric set and tie or attach it in place around the top and sides of the den opening. Leave some at the bottom of each den side to build up the base.

Giant Dark Den       Giant Dark Den       Giant Dark Den

Step 2

Build up the outside of the Grotto using boxes etc. Decorate the boxes with more fabric or collage materials to create a built-up snowy entrance effect.

Iridescent Snowflakes      Big Display Snow Set      Big Display Snow Set

Next, add soft, sparkling texture by sprinkling iridescent snowflakesfluffy snow and a snow blanket. Add the finishing touches by draping wadding icicles and sticking on snowflakes and stars. You could involve the children by creating snowflakes for the display.

Step 3

Make an extra special throne for Santa by covering a chair with special fabrics or using a chair cover  You could create a special chair back by twisting and shaping metallic pipe cleaners. Place the chair inside the Grotto and add presents around the base.

Metallic Pipe Cleaners      Giant Dark Den      Santa's Grotto

Add a Christmas tree with twinkling lights and children’s decorations for a perfect Santa’s Grotto!


Enjoy creating your magical festive space….

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