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Inspiring Early Years environments

We all want spaces we can be proud of… spaces that inspire, are well equipped and offer high quality learning opportunities. Our Early Years Environments have been put together to inspire you to create truly memorable learning experiences.

Posted on Tuesday 07th May 2019

Inspiring Early Years environments

Whether you are refurbishing a room, a whole nursery setting or are a recipient of an early years grant, here at TTS we aim to make setting up a quick, easy and wonderful experience for you. We would like to inspire you with innovative and developmentally aligned resources, utilised in practical and creative Early Years Environment room layouts.

Create a furnished room for each age group with fully equipped learning zones that offer developmentally appropriate resources. All you need to do is invite the children in!

The Early Years Environments range encompasses 16 unique learning zones which are age specific for the rooms in your setting:

Inspiring Early Years environments

Each zone has been specially curated to make your room enhancements or nursery set-up a simple and enjoyable experience. We have even arranged it so that the furniture can be planned and built for you! Click here to learn more about our zone options and watch our library of videos to see our resources being loved by children.

Inspiring Early Years environments

Playscapes Furniture

Playscapes is a range of beautifully made furniture, expertly designed for Early Years Environments Units are freestanding with no complex joining system, making them easy to move and position to suit your space. They are made from durable MFC with a scratch resistant melamine surface that’s easy to wipe clean, even withstanding antibacterial spray. The items for Early Years Environments have been carefully chosen from over 100 Playscapes furniture pieces and expertly put together to create zones ideal for different age rooms.

Birth to 2s

Inspiring Early Years environments - Birth to Twos

Create a safe environment from which babies and toddlers can freely explore and begin to self-select resources Our birth to 2s room is equipped with a range of beautiful resources to support the youngest of children’s curiosities. The handpicked resources will enable practitioners to identify emerging schematic interests and support physical development needs. The birth to 2s room will allow practitioners to provide important, stimulating sensory exploration as well as giving children autonomy at an early age by introducing opportunities for self-access.

Playscapes Baby Enclosure Zone

Playscapes Baby Enclosure Zone

  • Tilted Tub Storage Trolley
  • Toddler Gate Panel
  • Toddler Clear Panels x 2
  • Mobile Trolley with Display Back
  • Low Mirror Play Unit
  • Clear Low Browser
  • Pull Up & Play Mirror
  • Toddler Low Arch Panel
  • Toddler Activity Panel A
  • Horse Wall Decoration

Black & White Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - Black & White Zone

This zone is equipped with a range of sensory materials for babies and toddlers to comfortably and safely explore.

  • Supports early emerging schemas
  • Provides a secure space for babies to explore from
  • Enriches young children’s sensory experiences

At this early age babies and toddlers require plenty of stimulation and encouragement. The various textured resources and the addition of sound effects will ignite their curiosities. The mirrors will support them in beginning to gain an awareness of self. The soft mirrored surfaces on various resources will allow for flexibility and choice for even the youngest of babies to explore these effects without being constrained by movement. The soft furnishings will allow babies and toddlers to feel secure and comfortable to explore their surroundings. Suitable from birth.

Curious Baby Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - curious baby zone

Stimulate the senses of babies and toddlers and spark their curiosities by introducing them to glow construction.

  • Brings sparkle to early construction
  • Supports understanding of cause and effect
  • Encourages an awareness of self

The glow construction will support early curiosities of babies and toddlers as they experience the different colours light up. The mirrored surfaces will add an additional aspect of investigation and discovery as lights and colours reflect. Encourage babies and toddlers to find their own reflections in the mirrored surfaces and support them in beginning to develop self-awareness. Suitable for age 10 months and up.

Comfy corner zone

Comfy Corner Range

Provide space for meaningful interactions and supportive relationships. We chose contemporary, appealing shades and patterns. We know how important it is to have somewhere to have discussions with parents. Wipe clean cotton fabric. Buy as a set or individually and arrange to your specifications, as a reading area or cosy zone. Please note, the multi-buy set includes: 1 Pink Corner Seat, 3 Straight Seats (as pictured) and 4 cushions.

Sparkle & Shine Zone

Support the experimentation of babies and toddlers as you identify their emerging schematic interests.

  • Provides opportunities for early language development
  • Supports a sense of curiosity, investigation and discovery
  • Introduces opportunities for self-selection and independent choice making

Engage the youngest children in early construction as they explore what they can do with the open-ended, mesmerising metallics. Expose babies and toddlers to a rich language base as you discover the contents of the Texture Collection Basket together. Hide objects inside the Rainbow Storage Pockets to spark curiosity and discovery. Allow children to freely investigate the shimmering, stimulating resources to observe their play, identify their individual emerging schemas and plan to support them accordingly. Suitable for age 10 months and up.

2-3s room

Inspiring Early Years environments - 2 to 3 years

Provide a space for busy two-year-olds to free flow from one area to another and easily access resources. We know two-year-olds need to have their racing eyes and fast fingers occupied, even if only for a short period of time! With our 2 to 3s room, you can provide children with the stimulation they need to freely explore using their senses and schemas, as well as support them in developing their language base and encourage sustained experimentation with sand and water.

Playscapes Under 3s Explorer Zone

  • Clear View Browser
  • Open Shelf Unit
  • Mirror Play Unit
  • Mobile Open Shelf Unit with Mirror
  • Corner Unit H43cm
  • Shelf Unit with Back
  • Mobile Access Shelf Unit with Back
  • 18 Clear Tubs
  • Den Cave

Cosy, Calm & Neutral zone

Provide busy two-year-olds with the space to slow down, unwind and engage in quiet activity.

  • Provides opportunity for sustained, quiet play
  • A wide range of textures to explore
  • A gentle and neutral collection

The cosy and neutral theme provides a space for children to feel comfortable and relaxed as they focus their attention on calm activities. Support children in making discoveries through careful experimentation, paying attention to detail and using their concentration. Spark a sense of awe and wonder with the wooden jewel pebbles, promote curiosity through the textured resources and Discovery Doors and encourage trial and error with the Wooden Pyramids. Suitable for age 10 months and up.

Time to Talk Zone

Support children’s communication skills as you make decisions about how to engage with the various resources together.

  • Provides language enrichment opportunities
  • Resources to support role play
  • Supports sustained interactions

Support children’s understanding of a two-way conversation using the Mini Microphones and allow children to gain understanding of the use of language as you model animal sounds with the Farm Animals Basket. Provide opportunities for language enrichment and introduce new vocabulary as you engage in recreating scenarios together with the Everyday Objects Basket. Support children’s listening skills with the Gold Stars and Electronic Discovery Doors. The Teal Texture Blanket and Cushions provide a cosy and calm space for rich, meaningful discussions, sharing stories and singing nursery rhymes. Suitable for age 10 months and up.

Schematic Play Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - Schematic Play Zone

Support children’s learning through their individual schematic behaviours and introduce new interests.

  • Supports a wide range of schematic interests
  • Provides opportunities for language enrichment
  • Adds a touch of colour and sparkle to wooden resources

The wooden resources provide a natural and pleasant feel with the additions of colour, jewels or textured materials adding a touch of sparkle, awe and wonder to schematic play. The zone is ideal for free exploration and child-led learning, but you could even set up inviting learning provocations and initiate adult-led activities, particularly focusing on language enrichment. The addition of colour, texture, differing effects and materials opens up many possibilities for enriching children’s language and introducing new vocabulary. Suitable for age 10 months and up.

Sand & Water Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - Sand & Water Zone

Engage children in sensory sand and water play with this full range of beautiful and realistic accessories and containers.

  • Includes safe and authentic utensils
  • Supports mathematical concepts of shape, space and measure
  • Encourages decision making through a variety of options

The different sizes and capacities open up possibilities of using mathematical language, for example when choosing which sized bowl, scoop and measuring cup to use. Model using the sensory bottles for creative concoctions and support children’s control and hand-eye coordination as they transfer sand or pour water into the potion bottles. Talk about the capacity of the giant and the small potion bottles. Suitable for age 10 months and up.

Inspiring Early Years environments - Sand & Water Zone

3-4s room

The efficient use of storage will allow for flexibility of floor space and enable children to take responsibility for the resources.

Inspiring Early Years environments - 3 to 4 years

At this age, children need many opportunities to be independent in their learning so we have carefully planned the 3 to 4s room with opportunities for self-selection of resources and efficient use of floor space and storage to allow for flexibility during play and learning. You can light up children’s learning with interactive ICT resources, spark curiosities through construction with loose parts, re-create real-life scenarios through role play and extend imaginations in an art zone full of creative possibilities.

Playscapes Arts & Crafts Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - art and crafts zone

  • Creative Storage Unit
  • Mobile Double Sided Trolley
  • Mobile Shelf Back Display
  • Two Sided Easel & Storage Trolley
  • Tilted Tub Storage Trolley
  • Drying Rack

Curiosity Kitchen Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - curious kitchen

Provide a role play space with rich resources for children to engage in re-creating real-life scenarios and reflecting on their previous experiences.

  • Includes safe authentic resources
  • Can support children’s cultural capital
  • Allows for social and collaborative play

With the child-sized kitchen collection, children will feel like they can engage in everyday experiences in their very own ways. The authentic kitchen utensils and tableware allow children to feel respected and build a sense of autonomy as they are given the opportunity to use these resources independently. Provide children with the space to engage in collaborative play and develop their social interactions. Through this zone, children can be given the opportunity to begin to develop their cultural capital as they engage in role play. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Creative Arts Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - creative arts

Let children’s creativity flourish and their independence develop as they take ownership of their own creative learning.

  • Encourage independence
  • Allow for self-access and self-selection of resources
  • Support children’s creative expression

Set up the zone in a way to enable children to make choices by self-selecting and self-accessing the resources. Allow children to develop and extend their fine motor skills as they engage in creative activities. The Mermaid Frames add a sensory aspect to children’s development of fine motor skills. Allow children to explore ways in which they can use various mediums and tools for their mark making. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Loose Parts Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - loose parts

Invigorate children’s construction and loose parts play with a variety of open-ended resources providing creative opportunities.

  • Supports learning through STEAM
  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Introduces large scale loose parts play

Provide children with the space to create towering towers, bridges, landscapes and roads as they construct horizontally and vertically. Providing children with space for loose parts play also allows them to engage in collaborative play as they share ideas and problem solve. With this zone, you can support learning through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). Allow children to be architects, engineers, mathematicians and builders as they test their ideas, engage in experimentation and trial and error. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Light Up Learning Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - light up learning

Light up children’s maths, brighten up their construction and bring a spark to their mark making with glow resources that underpin so many areas of learning.

  • Brings a spark to children’s mark making and maths
  • Supports children’s holistic development
  • Allows for differentiated learning

The resources in this zone can support children’s holistic development as they use the interactive technology and naturally involve a variety of learning areas. Bring out the brightness in the light up resources by using these in the Giant Dark Den. The den is big enough for an adult to stand up inside comfortably and scaffold children’s learning. Create a cosy feel and add some stimulating colour with the Rainbow Texture Cushions, allowing children to comfortably get engrossed in the awe and wonder experienced with the glowing colours. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

4-5s room

The versatility of this set will allow you to make quick changes to the layout; from creating a space with specific learning zones, to a free-flow environment.

Inspiring Early Years environments - 4 to 5 years

Children’s minds will be racing at this sensitive age full of transitions. We have created four areas in which children can engage in rich learning by extending what they already know and being introduced to new concepts. Encourage children’s problem solving and hypothesising through early coding and sensory investigation. Allow children’s imaginations to soar and their language to flourish as they engage in active learning. Each of the zones has the potential to promote critical thinking and unfold deep social interactions.

Playscapes Role Play Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - role play zone

  • Chalkboard Panel
  • Play Panel with Counter
  • Corner Unit
  • Mobile Clear View Browser
  • Mobile Shelf Unit with Canopy
  • Corner Unit
  • Mobile Double Sided Trolley
  • Two Pairs of Panel Connectors
  • 12 Clear tubs

Communication & Mark Making Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - Communication & Mark Making Zone

An area in which children can engage in rich learning through extending their understanding and use of language, extending their vocabulary and engaging in early writing in context.

  • Enriches children’s language
  • Encourages children’s early writing
  • Supports phonics through experiential play

This zone has potential to unfold many rich social interactions by using the resources in a meaningful and real-life context. Allow children to reflect on their previous experiences and recreate these using the rich resources. Extend children’s knowledge of the world around them by introducing new vocabulary and new ways of communicating, verbally and through writing. The zone is ideal for introducing and supporting children’s phase 1 phonics through active and experiential learning. The resources can support individualised planning for children’s communication, language and literacy. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

ICT Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - ICT

Provide children with the starting point for learning directional language, control and early programming.

  • Supports mathematical language
  • Introduces early programming
  • Provides maths learning in context

Allow children to actively develop and understand mathematical language through a meaningful context and the use of technology. The ICT zone provides an opportunity for children to complete challenges for a purpose and a meaningful end goal. Children’s understanding of cause and effect at this point is no longer basic, so providing them with opportunities for enhancing their understanding of cause and effect through problem solving is highly valuable for their critical thinking. Includes rechargeable resources. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Imaginative Play Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - Imagination

A wooden small world collection with open-ended natural materials and an enchanted forest theme.

  • Allows children to create their own imaginative landscapes
  • Provides opportunities for playing out stories
  • A natural and wooden small world collection

The nature of the pieces not being fixed allows for them to be placed in a variety of ways, providing freedom and fluidity for children to manipulate their small world scenes continuously. The natural loose parts in the Wonderful Wooden Basket provide children with the opportunity to assign their own meanings and purposes to the materials to suit their play. Suitable for ages 3 years and up

Experiment & Explore Zone

Inspiring Early Years environments - experiment and explore

This zone supports experimentation by encouraging children to investigate through mashing, whisking and pouring.

  • Encourages hypothesising and problem solving
  • Engages children in experimentation
  • Supports fine motor skills and tool control

Children can engage in problem solving as they decide and test out which tools are best to use for their task at hand. Encourage children to make predictions and test their ideas as they witness the physical effects of their actions and make consequent changes. They can hypothesise and use sensory investigation to come up with new ideas and begin to understand new concepts. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Creating memorable learning experiences!

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