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Top 25 inspirational classroom display ideas

In May and June, we ran a competition to find the best and most inspirational classroom wall display. The winner received a whole set of classroom furniture! To share all these wonderful ideas, we thought that we'd showcase some of them in this blog post. Which is your favourite?

Posted on Tuesday 19th June 2018

Congratulations Maaria Kay and team from Wath C of E Primary School  – our VERY lucky winner of the Valencia Classroom Furniture Set worth over £1200 with their fabulous immersive Stone Age classroom display! See pictures above. And video below. Also, featuring some of the other lovely entries below!

forest school

classroom display ideas

Our Spring Display. Children have worked really hard this term to create a wonderful, bright and cheerful spring display with lots of wonderful writing answering the question – What would you find at the end of the rainbow? They have developed colour mixing skills as well as exploring form & texture. Children had fun sticking strips of paper for the grass and working with a variety of media to make flowers and spring animals. If you look closely you can see the Giant’s legs coming from the ceiling as he climbs down our beanstalk!

With thanks to Colette Davies for sharing this display.

A Steam Punk themed display. Featuring creative writing and illustrations, along with lots of beautifully decorated top hats!

With thanks to June Wright for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

We had an art week themed ‘Our Blue Planet’ and my class had the responsibility of one of the main displays…they worked so hard and we produced this.

With thanks to Olivia Charlton for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

Dragons and fire. I am a TA and this is a recent display; actually two really that I put together. On the left are dragons that the children drew and painted, alongside a large dragon that I modelled to the children. Oh, we did have some fun doing those! The dragons are on the English display because they were used to generate adjectives and adverbs. On the right, I put together The Great Fire of London display. Photographs will go up with it. Amazing what we can fit on a small bulletin board!

With thanks to Steven Charlton for sharing this display.

Classroom displays

Aliens. Having read Q Pootle 5, we found a crashed spaceship in our outdoor area. The children loved investigating the ‘crash’, wrote about it, and then imagined the aliens that might have visited us by blow painting them. Great emergent writing by Reception children.

With thanks to Louise Abbott for sharing this display.

Classroom display ideas

Term review. Our entire term’s learning as created by my SEN class. Images and words drawn and written by them and on display for staff and parents. Completely child driven.

With thanks to Sue Riley for sharing this display.

Classroom display ideas

Super veg! Year 2 pupils made their very own superheroes out of fruit and veg. This display celebrates their efforts.

With thanks to Ian Davies for sharing this display.

Classroom display ideas

Down the rabbit hole. A wonderfully immersive Alice in Wonderland display featuring a rabbit hole in the form of a den, a caterpillar hanging from the ceiling, a giant toadstool attached to the blinds and a display board for featuring the children’s writing!

With thanks to Natalie Jhs for sharing this display.

Classroom Display ideas

Woodland themed display sharing children’s writing and including a beautifully crafted tree.

With thanks to Diana Searle for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

Whole class Hundertwasser art and sculpture display.

With thanks to Lesley Hall for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

Learning journey. Created by the children to share the learning journey throughout the year.

With thanks to Caroline Elizabeth for sharing this display.

 ideas for classroom display

Paper chain rainbow. A beautifully colourful 3D display portraying a motivational quote: ‘Be the sunshine on a rainy day!’

With thanks to Emma Morgan for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Some handmade artwork really accentuates this vibrant display.

With thanks to Kerry Godfrey for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

What makes a good friend? A beautifully colourful and creative display on a wellbeing theme.

With thanks to Helena Carter for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas - rainforest jungle

Welcome to the jungle. Our amazing jungle display, including an area to sit and discuss the topic. Ideal for story time!

With thanks to Michelle Cross for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas - volcano


Volcano. An explosive display that captures every child in my class! Encouraged them to produce amazing work to be added to this display.

With thanks to Gail Brook for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

Role play display. I really enjoy making displays that flow into our role play area. We were studying endangered species as part of our ‘Global citizenship’ topic last term. We have made a safari!

With thanks to Sophie-Ann Grant for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

Hungry Caterpillar. This is one of our current displays! We add to it as we go along. We have butterflies on material using a dip dye technique, the life cycle, balloon print caterpillars and good old painted butterflies! The children decide what they want to add and where and then we add photos of the process! All mounted on hessian which adds a lovely natural element to the display.

With thanks to Polly Farrar for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas - romans

We are proud of many of our displays but our current favourite is…The Romans are coming!

With thanks to Sally Harvey for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas - ancient greece

Ancient Greece. Y6 painted their own Greek pots, with Olympic symbols, after learning about the different shaped pots, their names and their purposes.

With thanks to Marnie Danton for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

Here is our Rainbow display that the Year 5 children made! You are a rainbow of possibilities. I never lose…either I win or I learn. A great motivational display.

With thanks to Thomas Harding Junior School for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas - ocean

A commotion in the ocean classroom transformation through display! An immersive display for the children to enjoy – ocean themed throughout the classroom to engage and inspire.

With thanks to Amy Heather Targosz for sharing this display.

classroom display ideas

‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh. An amazing art project with children from Year 2 to Year 6 recreating the famous painting  Displayed in the front entrance of the school with many positive comments from visitors. Lots of different media used to give different textures and 3D effects.

With thanks to Gail Brook for sharing this display.

classroom display narnia

A lovely Narnia themed display with the children’s work taking centre stage!

With thanks to Clare Bradley for sharing this display.

magical writing classroom display

Magical writing. An informative display on how to make writing magical, including a special spell recipe for success! Capital letters. Full stops. Stay on the lines. Re-read and amend your writing. Does it make sense? Add a sparkle with nouns, adjectives and verbs.

With thanks to Del Georgina for sharing this display.

More inspiring immersive classroom display ideas:

inspiring immersive classroom display ideas

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With thanks to everyone who contributed and shared photos of their wonderful displays.

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