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Mother's Day egg box flowers craft

These gorgeous egg box flowers are really simple and easy to make in 6 steps and are ideal to give to mothers, grandmothers or carers on Mother's day.

Posted on Tuesday 07th March 2017

egg box mothers day flowers

You will need:

Instructions to make egg box mother’s day flowers:

Step 1.

egg box flowers step 1

Cut your egg box so that you have the individual pieces.

Step 2.

Make three cuts down to the base to start creating the petals, then each third into 2 to make a total of 6 petals. Splay the petals out a little and then round off the petals.

Step 3.

Egg box mother's day flowers craft

Paint your flower with vibrant paints and let them dry.

Step 4.

Paint your lolly stick.

Step 5.

Cut leaves from card or if you have green egg boxes – from the top flat half of the egg box. Then, stick your leaves to the top of the lolly sticks and then your flower on top of those.

Step 6.

Finally cut a piece of washi-tape or ribbon and stick it around the lolly stick – cutting a sideways ‘V’ shape in to the end.

egg box mothers day flowers craft

Top Tips:

To personalise your flowers even further, add a luggage label tag with a hand written message on and stick this to the back of your lolly stick or try adding glitter to the wet paint or add a button to the centre of the flower.

These flowers have been stuck into a tiny craft flower pot:

Egg box flower craft

With thanks to Charlotte Parry for writing this blog post.

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