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Alfie’s three magic resources

My name is Alfie and I am 9 years old. I am very tall for my age – like a netball player (I know that most basketball players are tall so you’d expect me to say that but I play netball at school so I use my height to defend and score goals for my netball team)! My brain tells my body something but my body does something totally different. This makes things a little more challenging … but I like that challenge.

Posted on Tuesday 25th October 2016

Meet Alfie – our blog post author

I think it would be helpful if I told parents and teachers about my three magic resources so, if they know someone who faces the same challenges as me, they can help them too.

My first magic resource is my sit on Wedge Cushion. I have one at school and my occupational therapist has lent me one for home to try out. This really helps because my body is quite floppy. My cushion helps me to sit up straight with the right posture. My occupational therapist is worried that I might get a bad back when I am older. Using my cushion will help to stop this. My cushion means that I am comfortable and less wriggly because I am not in any pain. The knobbly bits also feel nice which helps my sensory side. I use my cushion at home and my mum has noticed that I sit straighter at the dinner table and make a lot less mess. This means that she nags less so that is a good thing too!

Writing slope

My second magic resource is my Writing Slope. Again, I have one at school and my occupational therapist has lent me one to try at home. The angle of the writing slope really helps me sit up much straighter and feel more comfortable when I write at school and when I do my homework or play on my iPad at home. TTS have made the slope slippy on purpose. This is so that I have to use my non-writing hand to keep my paper still. This encourages me to write correctly.

Pencil Grip

I have a special Pencil Grip which has solved all of the pain that I was having in my hands when I was writing. It forces me to use the right pen and pencil grip. This means that I can write more as I am more comfortable. I have lots of good ideas for writing, so having the right resources means that I can get all of my good ideas out of my head and onto the page.

I hope that this has helped you to see that if children have the right resources they will be more comfortable when they do their school work. Without my resources I am in pain and cannot concentrate fully on my work. My three magic resources might only be small but they make a massive difference to me!

With thanks to Alfie and Beccie (Alfie’s mum).

Beccie (also known as Mrs Hawes) is Head of Service with Rushall Inclusion Advisory Team. Beccie’s team works with a number of different schools offering support, advice and challenge regarding all aspects of inclusive policy, practice and procedure.

Beccie says ” Along with the day job, I also have the pleasure and privilege of being Alfie’s mum! Alfie has been working really hard with our local Occupational Therapy team and is currently undergoing diagnostic processes for Developmental Coordination Delay and an Autism Spectrum Condition. His resources have certainly made a big difference to him and he is keen to share his experiences so that others can be helped too.”

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