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Developing rich early language opportunities

Giving a child social and communication skills is the most important aspect of early childhood development. Open-ended, quality resources will give children the opportunity to improve their confidence, state their own opinions and share ideas. They encourage children to initiate their own conversation.

Posted on Wednesday 27th July 2016

Use baskets to explore an introduction to early maths, sensory development and even small world by relying on and promoting language development. Beautifully handcrafted soft baskets which are bright and colourful, promote rich and varied language opportunities for all children.

Using the collection of baskets leads to rich communication skill experiences; they help to develop language as well as supporting children’s interests through creative play. The baskets are designed for interaction and to support the schema of emptying and filling, with older children using them to extend and engage in role play. They are great for encouraging children to take turns, share, talk and interact.

Soft Baskets

The Basket of Bunnies is great fun with a huge variety of purposes linking to all areas of the EYFS. Observe children with quieter/selective language skills becoming more confident in conversation to those with schema fascination being engaged for longer periods. They are attractive to toddlers with the contrasts complementing each other. They look exciting and appealing.

Soft baskets

Baskets and boxes

Sharing books with young children can be a very special time for both the child and practitioner. It’s a time to create bonds and form those important relationships that will continue throughout their early years. Read stories that you will enjoy together. Books offer a variety of real and non-real images to engage and excite children. Sharing books enables the development of interests and friendships and instils an early love and respect for books and stories. This level of interaction between the children and practitioner helps support their reading skills as they move onto the next stage of their development.


With thanks to Gemma, Vicki & Maria from Cedar House and Smarties Day Nursery.