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Make your own Dinosaur Eggs

Imagine setting the scene for a learning journey with some giant dinosaur eggs - you can spark some excitement that will engage children, feed their imaginations and become a provocation for learning!

Posted on Tuesday 31st March 2015

Dinosaur Egg

This is a great springboard to learning – Where did the egg come from? What will hatch? What adventures will you go on with the newborn creature?

The best thing about this is it’s really simple and quick!

What you will need:

Follow these simple steps to create your Dinosaur egg!

  • Blow up the balloon and tie a knot
  • Cover the balloon in masking tape – you might want a couple of layers (we used about three) for a nice crispy shell
  • Mix a handful of sand with your ‘base colour’ (we used a dark brown) and use the roller to apply
  • Very lightly go over the egg using a small amount of the lighter paint – you don’t want to cover it, just provide a different colour to bring out the rough texture

Balloons    DInosaur Egg    DInosaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg

That’s it! This was about twenty minutes work (excluding drying time).

Creating something as simple as this can provoke lots of open-ended learning that will cover many areas of learning and development by following children’s imaginations.

  • Link to your favourite stories creating reasons to read and write, discuss life cycles and time.
  • Create your own creatures to hatch from the egg and learn how to take care of them.
  • Go on an adventure outdoors with them or create a small world scene.
  • Instead of dinosaur eggs they could be ostrich eggs or alien eggs!

Let us know what the children discovered with your giant eggs, or about how you bring creativity into your setting in the comments or on Twitter @TTS_EarlyYears.