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The benefits of School Gardens

A garden offers a natural framework for understanding about sustainability and the natural world and will help to improve a child’s environmental attitude. As children plant their own fruit, vegetables and flowers, they will learn to appreciate the wonder and power of nature, which will instil an appreciation and respect that will last into adulthood.

Posted on Thursday 17th April 2014

Knowledge and Understanding of the Natural World

School garden

Instant Garden for schoolsSocial Skills

Caring for a school garden has shown to improve a child’s social skills and behaviour. The process of planting and tending a crop will help children develop skills, such as respect and patience. Gardening also encourages teamwork skills as they take part in group work activities and encourages children to take responsibility, by caring for their own crops.

A school garden provides an opportunity for children of all abilities to shine.

Benefit to Overall Learning

Research has shown that teaching any curriculum area outdoors can have an overall benefit on a child’s learning as they tend to be more relaxed and find lessons more interesting.

There are many curriculum links that can be made. Links to science can include studying plant anatomy or investigating how changing variables such as watering frequency or plant spacing can have an effect.

School Gardens Planters

A garden area provides a wonderful hands-on learning experience. Links to maths can be made as children can collect data on plant growth or learn about perimeters and measurements as they design the layout of the garden.

Healthy Eating and Food Production

Gardening allows children to participate in a physical activity; it will also increase a child’s nutritional knowledge about the benefits of eating fruit and vegetablesGrowing food leads to an increase in interest, knowledge and attitude towards fruit and vegetables.

Growing Vegetables at School

Local Community

A school garden can be used as a bridge builder with the local community; it can create links with local garden centres and associations and encourage parental involvement also.

Children can even sell their produce at school fairs. So go outside and get growing!

School Garden

Don’t forget to water your gardens! Why not use a Water Butt – A safe way to collect your rain water for the school garden and comes with a childproof lid and a tap. Teaching children about recycling rainwater.

Water Butt

Learn about bugs and critters that you may find out and about in you garden – encourage children to build their own critter cabin or bug house.

Bug hotel


This revolutionary rolling composter is a way for schools to encourage children to compost and get active. By rolling the composter it accelerates the process of creating compost.

Composting at school

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