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How to create a stained glass window effect

Make a festive stained glass window by following our simple step by step guide to create this beautiful effect. Ideal for everyone, this activity can be easily adapted for other seasonal celebrations to brighten up any classroom.

Posted on Wednesday 09th October 2013


It’s easy to follow, but looks really impressive and children will have fun making it.

Step 1

Begin by choosing any Christmas themed picture that you like. Draw around the outline onto A4 paper. A simple outline drawing is fine at this stage as you will add colours and detail later. Place your design onto a surface like a table or kitchen worktop and keep it in place using some adhesive tack. Place a piece of acetate sheet over the to and use another small piece of adhesive tack to secure it.

Step 1

Step 2

Next, choose your brightly coloured non-bleed tissue paper and tear into smaller easy to handle sized pieces. Use slightly watered down PVA to ‘decoupage’ the pieces of tissue onto the acetate sheet. We did this by gluing, adding tissue paper then gluing again over the top, to seal the paper to the surface. This also makes it semi-transparent. Be careful not to leave gaps between the paper pieces though. Cover the whole design and leave to dry for a few hours.

Step 2

Step 3

When the glue has had time to dry, turn the acetate sheet over so the tissue is now on the back. The next step is to have fun drawing directly onto the acetate using permanent pens to add definition and extra detail to your colourful creation.

Step 4

Next you can attach your Christmas themed picture to the window, stand back and enjoy your work!


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Happy making!