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Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 3 12pk

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Newest in decodable series, the Beanies offer diverse stories for older, struggling readers.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Compatible with Popular Schemes

This set can be used alongside other popular reading schemes, offering an added advantage with its book-banded reading levels for versatile learning experiences.

Confidence Building

This series supports older readers in mastering the phonics code, building their confidence through engaging stories that match their reading ability.

Engaging High-Interest Stories

Featuring high-interest stories with adventures that appeal to older readers, this collection helps maintain their engagement and interest in reading.

Diverse and Relatable Characters

The inclusion of diverse, relatable teenage characters in modern settings makes these stories particularly appealing to older readers seeking relevant content.

Colourful Illustrations

Each book is enriched with vibrant illustrations that enhance the storytelling experience, making reading both enjoyable and visually stimulating.

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Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 3

Newest in decodable series, the Beanies offer diverse stories for older, struggling readers.


  • This Phase 3 Phonics set is specifically written for the progression of Letters & Sounds, introducing the next 22 letter sounds. Designed to provide older readers with text-based context to practice emerging reading skills, each story includes strictly controlled text that matches their learning stage. Tricky words are incorporated only after they have been introduced, supporting readers as they navigate through the phonics code. Can also be used alongside other popular schemes as book-banded reading levels are provided.

  • Designed for the advancement of older, struggling readers within the Phase 3 phonics programme, the Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 3 collection stands out as an essential literacy resource. Comprising 12 fiction readers, each narrative is intricately aligned with the Letters & Sounds programme, ensuring readers only encounter letters and sounds familiar to them. This strategic approach facilitates a more focused learning experience that solidifies phonics knowledge and boosts reading confidence.

  • Reflecting the realities of teenage readers through diverse and relatable characters, the stories foster a deeper connection, making reading an engaging and meaningful activity. These elements of diversity and relatability are critical in maintaining reader interest and motivation. Additionally, vivid illustrations accompany each tale, adding a layer of visual enjoyment that complements the narrative and enriches the overall reading experience.

  • Integrating seamlessly with existing reading schemes, thanks to its book-banded approach, the series offers educationalists a valuable tool in guiding their students towards reading proficiency. Through stories that balance controlled text complexity with engaging content, older readers are encouraged to explore and develop their reading skills in an environment that mirrors their experiences, bridging the gap between learning to read and reading to learn.

Technical Summary


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  • Suitable for age 5 years and up