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All About Families Books 12pk

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Explore family diversity with this set, providing perspectives on different family structures.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Diverse Family Structures

This collection of twelve paperbacks opens a window into diverse family structures, encouraging children to understand and appreciate different familial dynamics through engaging stories.

Inclusive Learning

These books, designed to foster inclusivity, are perfect for assemblies or one-to-one sessions, helping children explore various family setups in today's society.

Educational Content

Each book covers significant topics such as adoption and blended families, which makes them excellent resources for relationship education.

Supports PSHE Lessons

These resources help teachers deliver lessons on family diversity and social understanding.

Engaging Story Titles

Titles like 'My Mum Can't See' and 'Understanding Adoption' help children engage with real-world issues, enhancing empathy and awareness.

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All About Families Books 12pk

Explore family diversity with this set, providing perspectives on different family structures.


  • This set of twelve books helps educators introduce the concept of family diversity to children, promoting inclusivity and understanding. Each book delivers a unique story that mirrors the diverse types of family structures in society today, from single-parent setups to mixed-race families.

  • Included titles such as 'My New Dad' and 'What is a Family?' are great for sparking discussions during school assemblies or personal conversations. These narratives not only build literacy skills but also enhance emotional and social learning by presenting relatable and diverse characters.

  • Serving as practical aids in discussions on familial differences and social norms, these books are a valuable resource for any classroom, helping to develop tolerance and empathy among children.

  • Titles may vary.

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  • Suitable for age 3 years and up