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100 Bead String Line L130cm

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An alternative 100 line, easy to manipulate for engaging number exploration.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Colour-Coded Learning

This resource features 100 beads, alternating in colour every ten beads, which visually segment numbers and aid in understanding place value and counting sequences.

Durable and Long

Constructed from durable plastic and measuring 130cm, this bead string is designed for longevity and ease of use in various educational settings.

Hands-On Numeracy

The tactile nature of moving beads along the string enhances kinaesthetic learning, making abstract numerical concepts more concrete and understandable.

Hygienic and Durable

Its easy-to-clean design ensures both hygiene and durability, making it an ideal resource for frequent educational activities and hands-on learning.

Curriculum Aligned

Supports Year 2 and Year 3 Mathematics curriculum, focusing on number and place value, addition, and subtraction through interactive activities.

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100 Bead String Line L130cm

An alternative 100 line, easy to manipulate for engaging number exploration.


  • Bead strings offer a tangible approach to number learning, granting children the hands-on opportunity to manipulate them along the string. This interactive method is essential for deepening children's engagement and improving their numerical understanding.

  • The necessity for each child to interact with the resource underscores its valuable role in teaching vital mathematical concepts. Bead strings visually represent counting, addition, subtraction, and the idea of place value vividly.

  • Made from durable plastic and spanning 130cm in length, these bead strings are simple to clean and offer a versatile utility in teaching numeracy. They transform abstract numerical ideas into tactile experiences, fostering numeracy development through active participation.

Supports the National Curriculum

Mathematics, Year 3, Number - Number & Place Value

Count from 0 in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100, and find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number.

Mathematics, Year 2, Number - Number & Place Value

Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations, including the number line.

Mathematics, Year 2, Number - Addition & Subtraction

Solve problems with addition and subtraction using concrete objects and pictorial representations, including those involving numbers, quantities and measures.

Technical Summary



  • Plastic

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 7 years