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Small Tambourine

Product Code: MES594
A compact tambourine, perfect for younger children, enhancing musical group activities.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Durable Construction

This tambourine, constructed from durable coloured plastic with four sets of nickel jingles, offers reliable and clear sound quality crucial for educational settings.

Enhances Musical Skills

Designed to support Key Stage 1 music aims, it helps children play tuned and untuned instruments musically, fostering their auditory skills and musical creativity.

Creative Sound Exploration

Encourages children to experiment with and create sounds, fostering creativity and aligning with educational goals in music.

Early Years Engagement

Ideal for early years settings, it supports expressive arts by allowing children to explore a range of soundmakers and instruments effectively.

Curriculum Aligned

This tambourine directly supports the UK curriculum, enhancing music education by encouraging playful interaction with both tuned and untuned instruments.

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Small Tambourine

A compact tambourine, perfect for younger children, enhancing musical group activities.


  • This small tambourine excellently introduces young children to the joys of music. Its compact size is particularly suited to small hands, promoting coordination and rhythm skills during group sessions or individual play.

  • In Key Stage 1, it acts as a practical tool to meet curriculum goals such as playing instruments musically and exploring sound combinations. It effectively helps children grasp the basics of rhythm and beat, essential for developing musical abilities.

  • For early years children, this tambourine supports expressive arts and design. It encourages the exploration of different sounds, crucial for nurturing creativity and auditory discrimination. The varied colours add a visual element to the learning process, making it a captivating choice for young children.

Supports the National Curriculum

Music, Key Stage 1

Play tuned and untuned instruments musically.

Music, Key Stage 1

Experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the interrelated dimensions of music.

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Explore a range of soundmakers and instruments.

Technical Summary