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Small Roman Archaeology Collection

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Give children a sense of Roman history as they discover artefacts like real-life archaeologists.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Artefact Handling

The collection offers great artefact handling opportunities, allowing children to interact with Roman coins, game pieces, and tiles. This hands-on approach enhances engagement and understanding.

Historical Enquiry

Improve historical enquiry skills by encouraging children to ask questions and investigate the origins and uses of each artefact. Doing so promotes critical thinking and active learning.

Group Activities

The collection provides group activities, enabling collaborative learning. Children can work together to uncover artefacts, discuss their findings, and share insights, fostering teamwork.

Interactive Learning

Encourage interactive learning by turning your classroom into a historical dig site. This immersive experience makes history lessons more engaging and memorable.

Roman History

Supports Key Stage 2 history curriculum by exploring the Roman Empire's impact on Britain. Children can learn about significant events and figures through hands-on interaction with artefacts.

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Small Roman Archaeology Collection

Give children a sense of Roman history as they discover artefacts like real-life archaeologists.


  • Engage your children with hands-on learning by transforming your classroom into an archaeological dig site. This collection includes authentic Roman replica artefacts such as coins, knucklebones game pieces, and tile fragments. The set also includes a small archaeology trowel and brush, to create your own archelogy dig in the classroom.

  • This collection supports Key Stage 2 history curriculum topics, including the Roman Empire's impact on Britain. By examining these artefacts, children can explore significant historical events and figures such as Julius Caesar and the Roman army's power. The activity encourages critical thinking and enquiry skills, making history lessons interactive and memorable.

  • Additionally, the collection aligns with the Stone Age to Iron Age curriculum. Children can compare different historical periods, enhancing their understanding of technological and cultural developments over time.

  • Contents may vary.

Supports the National Curriculum

History, Key Stage 2, Romans

The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, Julius Caesar, Power of the Roman army AD42, British resistance or impact of technology, culture and beliefs.

History, Key Stage 2, Stone Age to Iron Age

Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. From late Neolithic hunters-gathers. Bronze Age religion, technology and travel. Iron Age hill forts, tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 11 x Roman Coins, ,1 x Romans Knucklebones Game with Notes, ,1 x Set of Roman Moratorium Pieces, ,1 x Set of Roman Tile Pieces, ,1 x Roman Torc, ,1 x Small Archaeology Trowel,,1 x Small Archaeology Brush,