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Show and Tell Whiteboards


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Enhances numeracy teaching and learning across various contexts.
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  • A unique double-sided design features one side tailored for specific maths activities and a blank reverse for general use, enhancing versatility in teaching methods.
  • Engineers designed these whiteboards for longevity and ease of maintenance, ensuring they withstand frequent use and remain a staple in the classroom for years.
  • Measuring 31cm by 23cm, these boards are perfectly sized for individual or group activities, promoting engagement and interaction.

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Show and Tell Whiteboards

Enhances numeracy teaching and learning across various contexts.

  • Designed for durability and ease of cleaning, allowing repeated use. Features a blank reverse side for versatile applications.

  • Show and Tell Whiteboards bridge the gap between interactive learning and the UK Maths curriculum, catering to children aged 4 to 12. These double-sided tools, supplied in packs of 30 and 90 feature a specific maths task side and a blank side for versatile use. Ideal for repeated use, they're made for simple cleaning. Please note, whiteboard pens are sold separately.

  • These whiteboards align with Year 2 to 5 curriculum requirements, focusing on number recognition, place value, and fractions including decimals and percentages. By facilitating an interactive environment, they engage children in hands-on mathematics learning, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable.

  • From understanding two-digit numbers' place values in Year 2 to solving problems involving decimals in Year 5, these whiteboards are a multipurpose educational tool. They encourage creative problem-solving and support curriculum goals, enhancing the learning experience.