Sensory Self-Regulation Collection 106pcs


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A set of sensory resources to calm and relax children, fostering self-regulation.
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  • Includes resources for under and over-sensitive children
  • Helps to reduce anxiety
  • Provides a rich and diverse sensory diet
  • Helps develop coping strategies

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Sensory Self Regulation Collection

A set of sensory resources to calm and relax children, fostering self-regulation.

  • This set offers daily sensory regulating activities that support children in staying calm, focused, and regulated.

  • Designed to support children with varied sensory needs, this set is key for fostering self-regulation and emotional management. Including weighted items, tactile materials, and visual aids, it provides enriched sensory experiences essential for over-sensitive or under-sensitive children, promoting a calm learning environment.

  • Accompanied by teachers' notes for easy integration into daily routines, the set aims to enhance emotional regulation and self-regulation skills. This proactive approach not only creates a conducive learning atmosphere but also supports children in developing coping and regulation strategies.

  • Incorporating these resources within classroom activities effectively aids in managing emotional and behavioural challenges, aligning with curriculum objectives to improve focus and behaviour management. It enriches the learning experience, offering strategies for coping and self-regulation while assisting in achieving academic and social success.


  • Pack size: 14
    • 20 x find the match sensory squares
    • 8 x Alice Sharp’s textured explorer pockets
    • 1 x ear defenders
    • 3 x weighted fidgets
    • 1 x weighted blanket
    • 4 x illuminated mark making boards
    • 6 x chalk markers
    • 1 x cuddle ball
    • 4 x calming fidget chews
    • 24 x floor markers hands and feet
    • 12 x sound prisms
    • 20 x multi-sensory textured balls
    • 1 x storage solution
    • 1 x set of teachers notes