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Sand and Water Eco Kit


Product Code: EY11677

An innovative collection for messy play that is skills focussed, offering a rich variety of possibilities and is made from bio materials, in soft, natural shades.
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Why you'll love this product

  • Made using eco materials
  • Unique, skills led, ergonomic design
  • A truly interactive set where children can experiment and explore.
  • 4 neutral colours: grey, brown, green and blue

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Sand & Water Eco Kit

An innovative collection for messy play that is skills focussed, offering a rich variety of possibilities and is made from bio materials, in soft, natural shades.

  • If you want to enliven and refresh your sand and water resources and activities, then this may just be the collection to do so. Suitable for 10 months and up.

  • It was carefully designed to offer a wide variety of learning experiences and to focus upon skills and opportunities. There are 21 pieces which are multi-functional, robust and ergonomically considered. The containers can be emptied, filled, used for pouring, making sand moulds, mixing and stacking. Build the receptacles into a tower and then balance the circular piece on the top. Construction play can become an integral part of the activities. This will pivot and rotate. See the water cascade and witness the children’s amusement and satisfaction. There really is great attention to detail in every component. Fine motor skills development is an integral aspect of this kit. The ladles and scoops facilitate different grips, as do the sieves, which also fit on the large containers acting as lids. The tweezers help strengthen the hand arch and are great for transferring things. They have also been ergonomically designed with a ridged internal face for ease of picking things up. Children will love scooping, sieving, tipping, pouring, ladling, etc using various fine motor skills. Spin the circle around or twist and press it into the sand to make marks. We really wanted the children to have quality, lively and engaging sand and water play. They can be scientists, mathematicians, engineers and so much more. We want them to explore, manoeuvre and make discoveries as they experience different textures, materials and their properties. These utensils and containers will help to facilitate this. We have included elements for shape, size, weight, capacity and measure. Different containers can be useful holding, cascading and transferring liquids and materials. There is such a rich opportunity to enhance children’s vocabulary as well as supporting them in making vital connections. If you are wanting the children’s messy play experiences and develop key skills, this delightful, robust, eco alternative in soft natural colours will help you do so. It can be used indoors or out, in mud kitchens and with a wide variety of materials, enjoyed by children of different ages.

  • Accessories not included Wash with warm, soapy water


  • Pack size: 21
  • Material: Bio Plastic
  • Age Range: 12-18 months +
    • 2 x Extra Large Pots measuring: Height 8
    • 5cm x Diameter 23cm 2 x Large Pots measuring: Height 11cm x Diameter 19cm 2 x Medium Pots measuring: Height 19cm x Diameter 13cm (handle 8
    • 5cm long) 2 x Small Pots measuring: Height 10cm x Diameter 9cm 1 Canopy Circle measuring: Height 5cm x Diameter 32cm 2 Sieves measuring: Height 29cm x Diameter 19
    • cm 4 Tweezers measuring: Height 13cm x Width 3
    • 7cm x Depth 2
    • 7cm 2 Scoops measuring: Height x 6cm x Length 28cm x Diameter 14
    • 5cm (handle 11cm long) 4 Ladles measuring: Height (overall) 18
    • 5cm, Ladle scoop section Height 4cm x Width 10cm x Depth of scoop section 8cm