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Rainbow Push and Pop It Fidget Pad

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A sensory fidget aid featuring bubbles for pushing and popping, akin to bubble wrap.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Classroom Calm Aid

This fidget pad is a valuable addition to any classroom, offering a tactile experience that helps reduce feelings of anxiety and stress through the simple action of popping bubbles.

Motor Skills Development

Constructed from silicone, this durable sensory tool is designed for hands-on manipulation, aiding in the development of fine motor skills through repetitive popping actions.

Enhances Learning

The multi-coloured bubbles not only provide a sensory experience but also offer an opportunity for children to engage in pattern making and colour recognition activities.

Supports Dexterity

Its soft, pliable material makes it perfect for squeezing, supporting hand and finger dexterity improvement in a fun, interactive way.

Inclusive Education Support

Aligning with educational strategies for inclusive learning, this fidget pad aids children who benefit from sensory input to focus better in classroom settings.

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Rainbow Push and Pop It Fidget Pad

A sensory fidget aid featuring bubbles for pushing and popping, akin to bubble wrap.


  • Explore the tactile joys of the Rainbow Push & Pop It Fidget Pad, a sensory aid designed to mimic the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap. This engaging resource offers an immediate, soothing experience ideal for aiding concentration and providing sensory relief in a classroom setting. With each press, the silicone bubbles emit a gentle pop, encouraging repetitive use that helps foster focus and reduce anxiety.

  • Constructed from durable silicone, this fidget pad not only withstands the rigours of daily handling but also supports the development of fine motor skills. It's a multifunctional resource that doubles as an educational tool, enhancing colour recognition and encouraging pattern creation in a playful manner.

  • Please be aware, the product's shape is randomly assigned, but its effectiveness as a sensory and educational aid remains constant. It is a versatile tool for facilitating a calming and engaging learning environment.

Technical Summary



  • Silicone