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Philip's Essential Atlas UKS2 / KS3

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An uncluttered, easy to read atlas for ages 11-14.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Aligned

Optimised for UKS2 / KS3, enhancing geographical learning with map-reading, Ordnance Survey interpretation, and GIS use, directly supporting curriculum requirements.

Detailed Maps & Images

Contains vivid maps, charts, and satellite images of Europe, Italy, China, and more, enriching geographic learning with detailed visuals of diverse regions.

Special Interest Topics

Highlights geographical events like Japan's earthquake, Kenyan conservation efforts, and US water supply, educating on global geographic challenges.

Ecological Awareness

Encourages exploring agriculture, urbanisation, and pollution, building awareness of human ecological impact and the importance of sustainable living.

Geographical Skills

Ignites a passion for exploring the world through globes, maps, and atlases, making every classroom and field experience at Key Stage 3 an exhilarating journey into geographical skills!

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Philip's Essential Atlas UKS2 / KS3

An uncluttered, easy to read atlas for ages 11-14.


  • Philip's Essential Atlas for UKS2 / KS3 is tailored to enhance geographical education with a 16-page UK and Ireland section and a 42-page world section, providing a broad perspective on global and local geography. This atlas equips learners with the knowledge to effectively interpret various geographical data and maps, fostering a deeper understanding of the world.

  • The atlas features special interest topics such as Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunamis, conservation in Kenya, and water supply in the USA. Through detailed maps, charts, and satellite images, students explore geography's dynamic nature, developing their analytical skills.

  • Supporting Key Stage 3 curriculum, this atlas encourages the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for data analysis, understanding geographical similarities and differences, and applying geographical skills in both classroom and fieldwork, preparing students for advanced geographical studies.

Supports the National Curriculum

Geography, Key Stage 3, Geographical Skills & Fieldwork

Build on their knowledge of globes, maps and atlases, and apply and develop this knowledge routinely in the classroom and in the field.

Geography, Key Stage 3, Geographical Skills & Fieldwork

Interpret Ordnance Survey maps in the classroom and the field, including using grid references and scale, topographical and other thematic mapping, and aerial and satellite photographs.

Geography, Key Stage 3, Geographical Skills & Fieldwork

Use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to view, analyse and interpret places and data.

Technical Summary


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  • Suitable for 10 to 14 years