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Moon Dogs Series Catch Up Reading Books

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Designed for older catch-up pupils at early reading stages.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Structured Learning Stages

Aligning with phases 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Letters and Sounds, this series offers a structured approach to reading, catering to different learning stages effectively.

Dyslexia-Friendly Design

The cream background and clear font reduce visual stress, making these books dyslexia-friendly and accessible to all readers.

Gradual Sound Introduction

Available in three sets, this series supports a gradual introduction of sounds and digraphs, enhancing reading development.

Flexible Reading Options

Ideal for both guided and independent reading, these books offer flexibility in teaching and learning methods.

Supports Key Phases

Supports phase 2 to 5 of Letters and Sounds, making it a valuable tool for improving reading skills and comprehension.

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Moon Dogs Series Catch Up Reading Books

Designed for older catch-up pupils at early reading stages.


  • The Moon Dogs Series, stories about teenage friends in a band, facilitates reading for older beginning readers. It offers a variety of sets that introduce sounds and digraphs progressively, anchored in the Letters and Sounds phases 2 to 5, thus supporting a range of learning stages.

  • Tailored for dyslexic readers, features like a cream background and accessible font mitigate visual stress, enhancing readability. These elements, combined with the series' adaptability for guided and self-paced learning, render the A5 paperback books vital for educational enrichment.

  • Spanning three carefully curated sets, the series effectively engages readers, advancing their reading comprehension and skills in alignment with crucial literacy phases. Its design, centred on dyslexia-friendly principles and stepwise learning enhancement, establishes it as a crucial resource for evolving reading abilities.

  • With three sets to choose from, Set 1 introduces sounds gradually and reinforces reading these in CVC words and follows phase 2 and 4 of Letters and Sounds. All words are at CVC level with one line of text to the page. Set 2 begins with text at CVC level and continues through the digraphs ch, sh, th, ck, ng, qu and wh and follows phase 2 and 4 of Letters and Sounds. Set 3 introduces two spellings for a vowel sound and follows phase 3-5 of Letters and Sounds.

Technical Summary



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