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Miniature Metal Tweezer Tongs 8pk

Product Code: EY10800
Practice selecting, sorting and transporting materials with these metal tweezers.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Enhanced Motor Skills

These metal tweezers are designed to enhance fine motor skills, aiding in sorting and selection activities.

Versatile Play Options

Ideal for diverse learning settings, these tweezers offer flexibility in educational approaches, allowing children to explore and engage practically in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Durable Construction

Made from durable metal, these tweezers are constructed to withstand regular use in educational environments.

Physical Development Support

These tweezers support early physical development by encouraging children to engage with small tools, thereby supporting motor skills.

EYFS Curriculum Match

Aligned with the EYFS curriculum, these tweezers aid in physical development and expressive arts through active play.

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Miniature Metal Tongs 8pk

Practice selecting, sorting and transporting materials with these metal tweezers.


  • These mini metal tweezers are ideal for fine motor skills development among children. Crafted from sturdy metal, they withstand regular use in diverse learning scenarios. The set includes various sizes, enhancing activities that involve precise materials handling.

  • Engaging with these tools, children develop essential physical skills through the use of small tools, boosting both fine and gross motor capabilities. These activities are vital for enhancing dexterity and hand-eye coordination, supporting early physical development.

  • Moreover, these tweezers are great for creative and explorative tasks. They can be used across multiple settings, including sand and water trays, promoting skill development alongside imaginative play. This stimulates children's exploration of expressive arts and design, enriching their educational experience.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Physical Development

Use a range of small tools.

EYFS, Physical Development

Encourages the development of motor skills - fine and gross.

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Provide lots of flexible and open-ended resources for children's imaginative play.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • Largest tong is 160mm x 18mm, Smallest tong is 130mm x 16mm

  • Pack size

  • 8

  • Material

  • Metal

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for age 3 years and up