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Happy Feet Sensory Play Mats 30pk

Product Code: SS45598
Orthopaedic play mats for physical and sensory development.
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Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

  • Strengthen the muscles of the feet and hands

  • Improve proprioception, balance and posture

  • Provides deep-pressure stimulation

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Happy Feet Sensory Play Mats 30pk

Orthopaedic play mats for physical and sensory development.

  • These mats click together easily, offering sensory feedback through various textures and colours, ideal for hands and feet exploration.

  • Happy Feet Sensory Play Mats cater to various sensory needs, supporting spatial awareness and motor skills, with an array of textures from soft to hard. These mats encourage imaginative play through designs like grass, pebbles, and seashells, enhancing cognitive functions through sensory exploration.

  • Regular mats measure 29.79 x 29.79 cm and mini mats 14.25 x 14.25 cm, allowing for broad or focused sensory exploration. This versatility promotes both individual and group activities, making it a valuable tool for developing social skills and teamwork.

  • In addition to the developmental benefits, these mats serve as therapeutic tools for emotional regulation. The tactile pathways they offer helps to soothe and calm children, making them an indispensable resource in any learning or therapeutic environment.


  • Pack size:


  • Material:


  • Size and measurements
  • Weight:

    11 kg

  • Product contents
    • Includes (30 pieces):

    • 1x Grass soft

    • 1x Dino eggs soft

    • 1x Pebbles hard

    • 1x Muffik hard

    • 1x Seashells hard

    • 1x Nuts

    • 1x Forest

    • 1x Pebbles soft

    • 1x Seashells soft

    • 1x Muffik soft

    • 1x Grass hard

    • 1x Meadow hard

    • 1x Dino eggs hard

    • 2x Logs

    • 1x Grass hard (mini)

    • 1x Grass soft (mini)

    • 1x Snail hard (mini)

    • 1x Starfish soft (mini)

    • 3x Twister hard

    • 1x Coast soft

    • 1x Hedgehog

    • 1x Coconut eco

    • 1x Logs eco

    • 2x Nuts eco

    • 2x Forest eco