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Egyptian Burial Canopic Jars 4pk

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Engage children in Ancient Egypt with mummification to spur historical enquiry.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Sons of Horus Represented

Features four stone jars symbolising the sons of Horus, essential for understanding Ancient Egyptian culture and mummification rituals. Ideal for immersive historical education.

Artefact Exploration

These canopic jars are designed for educational handling, offering an authentic exploration of Ancient Egyptian history.

Enhances Historical Enquiry

Supports Key Stage 2 History, aiding in the exploration of Ancient Egyptian burial practices, enhancing critical thinking and historical enquiry.

Authentic Colour Variation

Varied colours add authenticity, making the exploration of the mummification process more engaging and educational for learners.

Facilitates Group Learning

Promotes group learning and interactive discussions, serving as an excellent tool for teaching about Ancient Egypt's civilisation.

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Replica Egyptian Burial Canopic Jars 4pk

Engage children in Ancient Egypt with mummification to spur historical enquiry.


  • These Egyptian Burial Canopic Jars are a direct portal to Ancient Egypt, bringing the mummification process to life in the classroom. Representing the sons of Horus - Imsety, Qebehsenuef, Hapy, and Duamutef, these artefacts facilitate an immersive study of ancient rituals. The set serves as a practical educational tool to dig deeper into Ancient Egyptian beliefs. Colour varies.

  • Designed to meet Key Stage 2 History curriculum needs, these jars are perfect for teaching about Ancient Egyptian burial practices and religious beliefs. Using them in lessons encourages enquiry into why Egyptians preserved their dead, enhancing critical thinking skills among children.

  • Made from stone and measuring W30 x L50mm, these jars are durable for classroom use. They encourage hands-on learning, aiding in the comprehension of historical methods and their significance, promoting group learning, discussions, and creative projects about Ancient Egypt.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Imsety Canopic Jar,1 x Qebehsenuef Canopic Jar,1 x Hapy Canopic Jar,1 x Duamutef Canopic Jar

  • Pack size

  • 4

  • Material

  • Stone

Size and measurements


  • 50 mm

  • Width

  • 30 mm