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Easter Story Basket

Product Code: RE10026
A plush basket filled with resources to explore the significance of Easter.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Interactive Storytelling

By providing plush figures and relevant items, this set turns the Easter story into a tangible, interactive experience, enhancing engagement and comprehension among children.

Comprehensive Guide Included

The set enriches the storytelling experience and provides context to the educational process, featuring a detailed storybook complete with teacher's notes.

Enhances Understanding

Enhances understanding and empathy by facilitating a hands-on learning experience, encouraging children to re-enact the Easter story.

Curriculum Support

Making it a valuable resource for teaching Christian traditions and values in an engaging manner, supports RE & PSHE curriculum.

Effective Teaching Aid

This resource aids in teaching Christianity effectively within educational settings by providing easy bible study lessons for youth.

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Easter Story Basket

A plush basket filled with resources to explore the significance of Easter.


  • Our TTS Easter Plush Story Basket with Storybook is designed to vividly convey the Easter story. It includes plush figures of Jesus, a Roman Soldier, and a donkey, along with symbolic items like a cross, bread, wine, and a palm leaf. These elements enable children to engage actively with the story, fostering a deeper understanding and retention.

  • Accompanied by a storybook that features insightful teacher's notes, this resource serves as a comprehensive tool for educators aiming to simplify complex narratives for their students. It supports effective storytelling and helps illuminate the teachings of Christianity in an accessible way.

  • Specifically tailored to align with the RE & PSHE curriculum, this set is an invaluable resource for teaching the Easter story and Christian beliefs. It not only encourages the interactive participation of children but also equips educators with the necessary tools to bring religious education to life.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Jesus,1 x Roman Solder,1 x Donkey,1 x Cross,1 x Bread,1 x Wine,1 x Palm Leaf