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Dyscalculia Lesson Plans Books

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Empower children with easy, structured maths lessons to boost confidence and understanding.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Enhanced Questioning Techniques

The books encourage educators to apply specific questioning techniques that promote deeper understanding and retention of mathematical concepts, ensuring children not only remember but understand.

Ten Structured Lessons

Divided into ten meticulously designed lessons, this resource offers a structured approach to learning, ensuring gradual and consistent mathematical development.

Concrete Learning Materials

These books incorporate concrete materials within each lesson plan, aiding children in turning abstract mathematical ideas into tangible, understandable concepts.

Foundation Building Content

Covers essentials such as number bonds and place value, providing a well-rounded introduction to key mathematical concepts.

Advanced Mathematical Topics

Introduces subtraction, times tables, and division, equipping children with necessary skills for further mathematical challenges.

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Dyscalculia Lesson Plans Books

Empower children with easy, structured maths lessons to boost confidence and understanding.


  • Within two volumes, these lesson plans provide a systematic approach to math, from foundational concepts to more advanced topics. The first book lays a strong groundwork with lessons on number bonds to ten, place value, pattern recognition, and number lines. The second book advances to subtraction, times tables, division, and fractions. The structured format ensures children systematically build confidence and skill.

  • Each lesson employs practical and tangible materials, delivering concepts through hands-on learning. An accompanying CD-ROM offers additional resources for interactive learning. Together, these books offer a routinized pathway that strengthens both foundational and advanced math skills for children.

  • The resources are specifically designed to aid children who find math challenging, providing them with the tools to succeed in their ongoing educational journey while nurturing a growing confidence and comprehension in mathematics.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x lesson plan book,1 x CD-ROM