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Chewable Fidget Bangle

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A wearable, discreet, and fun solution for those who need to chew.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Classroom Inclusion

An ideal resource for any classroom fidget box, offering tactile and sensory experiences to support focus and self-regulation.

Oral Stimulation

Designed to provide essential oral stimulation, aiding children who need to chew for calmness and concentration.

Discreet Support

Offers a quiet and discreet way to manage sensory needs, ensuring minimal disruption in the classroom setting.

Durable Material

Made from durable silicone, providing a robust and safe option for daily use.

Sensory Integration

The bangle's multi-textured surface assists in sensory integration, promoting focus and helping children to self-regulate in a classroom environment.

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Chewable Fidget Bangle

A wearable, discreet, and fun solution for those who need to chew.


  • Integrating tools like the Chewable Fidget Bangle into classroom resources offers a discreet and effective way to support sensory needs. Made from silicone, it is safe and durable, fitting seamlessly into both the educational environment and daily activities. By providing both oral stimulation and tactile exploration through its dual-textured surface, it aids children in staying focused and calm.

  • Its utility extends beyond just being a chewable item; the bangle can be twisted, bent, and explored, catering to a wide array of sensory preferences.

  • The bangle's discreet nature ensures it fits unobtrusively into classroom settings without distraction. With dimensions catering to the needs of most children, it stands as a testament to thoughtful design, focused on usability and the promotion of inclusion within educational spaces.

Technical Summary



  • Silicone