TTS Charity Foundation

In 2008, the TTS Charity Foundation was officially created to help provide a better education and life for children both in the UK and abroad who may be less fortunate than ourselves. 

Although we understand that miracles cannot happen, we can at least try and make a big difference in many children's lives, through donations and resource support.

TTS Charity Foundation

Our Charitable Foundation consists of three areas, these being:

  • Kenya drive team - Working alongside the Kariandusi School Trust raising money to help build schools and helping to provide Kenyan pupils with resources they wouldn't otherwise have had access to.
  • Fund-raising for local children - Involves various activities throughout the year including monthly charity days where funds raised are donated to charities nominated by the employees. Our UK charity is ACCT - Asperger's Children and Carers Together.
  • Changing Spaces Projects - Run each year where employees volunteer and visit local schools during normal working hours, to help with various painting and gardening tasks which schools often can't find the time to complete.

If you have a School project that we may be able to include in our Changing Spaces Program, please contact us here.