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Cams Toy Cardboard Boxes

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Ideal for creating vehicles, these boxes offer the perfect shell structure for imaginative projects.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Durable Construction

These boxes, made from durable cardboard, provide a robust foundation for children to build a variety of vehicle models and experiment with design and function.

Flexible Pack Sizes

Available in two convenient pack sizes, these boxes cater to different classroom needs and project scales, ensuring flexibility in lesson planning and execution.

Enhances Hands-on Learning

By facilitating the construction of cam resources and vehicles, these boxes promote hands-on learning, enhancing children's understanding of mechanical principles.

Cross-Curricular Applications

These boxes support cross-curricular applications, from exploring physics concepts to stimulating creativity in art and design projects.

Supports STEM Education

Integrating these boxes into STEM activities aligns with the UK curriculum, particularly in teaching forces, motion, and simple machine concepts through practical experience.

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Cams Toy Cardboard Boxes

Ideal for creating vehicles, these boxes offer the perfect shell structure for imaginative projects.


  • These cardboard boxes are an invaluable resource for fostering creativity and engineering skills in children. Constructed from high-quality cardboard, they are perfectly sized for building vehicles and cam resources, providing a hands-on way to explore mechanics, design, and motion.

  • Utilised in STEM and science lessons, these boxes offer practical applications of physics concepts such as leverage and balance, making abstract theories tangible and understandable. Children engage deeply with the material as they design, create, and test their models, solidifying their learning through active participation.

  • Beyond science, these boxes are versatile for integrating into math, for spatial awareness and measurement, and art, for aesthetic design projects. They encourage the development of problem-solving skills, teamwork, and effective communication, promoting a well-rounded educative experience that aligns with the UK curriculum goals.

Technical Summary



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