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Overcoming barriers with the TTS Illumi Board

In this blog, explore how the Illumi Board helped a young writer with a mind full of ideas overcome his challenges and unleash his creativity.

Posted on Thursday 21st December 2023

Overcoming barriers

A heartwarming story that demonstrates how with care from staff and resources such as the Illuminated Mark Making Board, writing barriers can be overcome.Meet Marco, a young writer with a mind full of amazing ideas but with the challenge of transferring these onto paper. Marco’s teacher and support assistant, Mr Hunt and Mrs Bowler, realised that the issue wasn’t a lack of imagination or enthusiasm that prevented Marco from writing. It was infact, a surge of creativity that was difficult for him to translate onto paper. Along with the support of the amazing staff and different techniques used, the TTS Illuminated Mark Making board also played a part in transforming Marco’s relationship with writing.

How the Illuminated Mark Making Board works

Teachers and pupils can draw and write on the Illuminated Mark Making Board, which is not just any board. The board can change colour to match the mood or setting of the story being discussed, and also creates a sensory experience for the user.

Illuminated Mark Making Boards

For Marco, seeing his ideas light up (literally!) gave him a new sense of excitement and ownership. Mrs Bowler would jot down Marco’s ideas on the board. This allowed him to engage with his own thoughts in a whole new light.

To find out more, click on this link to hear about the ways in which Marco overcame barriers to writing his 500 word story

Mr Hunt from the Front review

Mr Hunt uses the Illuminated Mark Making Boards in his school and has kindly created a video review for us. To find out more, click on the video link below:

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Many thanks to everyone at Tottington Primary School for letting us share this with you.