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Make Maths Count with Re-Wood and Re-Plastic Resources

In this blog we explore using re-wood and re-plastic resources to help Maths count in supporting you to cut your school's waste and doing your bit for the environment.

Posted on Monday 27th November 2023

Make Maths Count with Re-Wood and Re-Plastic Resources

Find out how to help cut your school’s waste and do your bit for the environment by using re-wood and re-plastic Maths resources.

By using re-wood and re-plastic products we can help reduce waste and start to make a difference for the next generation.

What is RE-wood and Re-plastic?

Re-wood and re-plastic are materials that are made from recycled plastic and wood, an eco-friendly alternative that can be used to create various products, such as furniture, toys, and educational materials. Cleverly produced in a resource-saving way, re-wood is made mainly from shredded wood residues left over from manufactured items, along with recycled binding materials. Products made with re-wood are stable, light, and saliva-proof. Re-plastic materials are 100% recyclable and can be recycled again and again meaning less waste.

These products are 100% reused and reusable making them a more thoughtful use of resources.

Here are some of the benefits of using re-plastic and re-wood products in school:

  • Environmentally friendly, helping to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. By using re-wood and re-plastic schools can show they are doing something good for the environment and teach pupils about sustainability and the importance of recycling.
  • Durable and easy to clean. This makes them ideal for classroom use, strong and able to withstand wear and tear and easily washed with soap and water making them safer to use.
  • Safe and non-toxic. Re-wood and re-plastic products are free from harmful substances, as well as smooth and rounded to prevent any injuries.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and sensory stimulating to enhance the visual appeal and interest of the learner.

We have a range of maths products made from re-wood and re-plastic. Our Eco-friendly alternatives are made from 100% recycled materials, making them the ideal sustainable and ecological products to enhance your maths lessons and teach a wide range of maths themes. These maths manipulatives will support children to visually understand maths concepts, whilst also helping you to do something good for the environment.

Here are some Maths products you might like:

  20-Bead Counting Frame (Rekenrek)  Re-wood               Eco 100 Bead Counting Frame (Rekenrek)

  • Ideal for supporting deeper depth and mastery skills.
  • 100% recycled and natural material.

  Re-wood Tower Numbers 34 pcs

  • Each number corresponds to its height in centimetres giving pupils a deeper understanding of number.
  • Made from sustainable materials.

Tower Numbers Pack  Re-wood

  •  Tower Number Pack contains 34 tower numbers to build skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, along with activity cards made from tear resistant laminated cardboard.
  • Ecological and friendly to the environment.

Re-wood Number Rods 10 colours

  • 126 pieces all 100% recyclable.
  • Perfect for partitioning, solving problems and deepening understanding of number and place value.

 Dienes Base Ten Set 5 colours  Re-wood

  • Includes ones, fives, tens, hundreds and a thousand. 141 eco-friendly pieces.
  • Versatile manipulatives to help pupils understand number and be able to easily represent larger numbers.

Re-plastic Base Ten Class Set 

  • 184 pieces of sustainable re-plastic to use with whole class.
  • A great way to provide conceptual understanding of equations and demonstrate strategies for solving them.

Re-plastic Two Colour Counters

  • 400 two colour counters perfect for a variety of Maths lessons. Perfect for sorting, counting and probability activities.
  • 100% recyclable and pollution-free.


You can show you are trying to increase your sustainability by choosing and using more environmentally friendly products. Make Maths count and  invest in the planet. Buy from our re-wood and re-plastic range today!