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Learning and Play with Marvellous Metallics

Discover the allure of shiny objects from our Marvellous Metallics range and find out how they can engage children's learning and play. Explore the Marvellous Metallic collection and ignite children's imagination with sorting, counting, constructing, and pattern activities.

Posted on Wednesday 31st May 2023

Children’s fascination with shiny objects, like coins, keys, and Metallic resources, is often referred to as the ‘Magpie Effect.’ The captivating treasures found in our Marvellous Metallic range have a special allure for children. This makes them an excellent catalyst for learning and play. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the various ways children can engage with these shiny resources to develop their cognitive, motor, and imaginative skills while having a great time.

Learning about similarities and differences

One exciting way to support children’s development is exploring the similarities and differences between the different Metallic objects. Encourage them to observe and compare patterns, shapes, and surfaces. Can they describe the objects using vocabulary such as rough, smooth, bumpy, reflective and flat? This activity not only enhances children’s mathematical and language skills but also fosters their understanding of similarities and differences whilst promoting personal, social, and emotional development (PSED).

Sorting and counting adventures

Sorting the Marvellous Metallics based on size, colour, and type can be a fun and educational experience. Encourage children to find other creative ways to sort these objects. Challenge them to count the Metallic items in each group to discover which group has the most or fewest items. Can the children record their findings using tally marks, objects, or pictures? This activity promotes mathematical development and provides a hands-on approach to learning.

Constructing with Marvellous Metallics

Unleash your little ones’ engineering skills by encouraging them to build incredible towers with the unique shapes of the Metallics. Who can build the tallest tower using the blocks , discs, or boulders? Which shapes make the sturdiest buildings? Through trial and error, children will overcome challenges in their play and find solutions. This will develop their problem-solving abilities and boost their confidence.


Imagination and creativity unleashed

Watch as the Marvellous Metallic resources transform into various imaginative props. The shiny pebbles could become unknown planets, while a donut might serve as a steering wheel for an alien spaceship flying through space. These treasure-like objects ignite children’s imaginations and bring their stories to life. Let their creativity run wild!


Motor skills in action

Challenge children’s motor skills by encouraging them to create new creations or fashion accessories using string or ribbon to thread the giant beads , discs or donuts. This type of play not only supports their physical development but also encourages exploration and strengthens their muscles as they stretch, reach, grab, and touch the objects.

Treasure baskets and heuristic play

Create intriguing treasure baskets using the various Metallic resources to encourage heuristic play. Allow children to explore the resources, form their own ideas, and experiment with combining them in different ways. Placing the objects in different baskets and containers adds an extra level of interest and excitement.

Embark on a treasure hunt

Transform your setting into an exciting hide-and-seek game by hiding the Metallic treasures in various locations. Challenge children to follow verbal, recorded or written clues to seek them out. This game not only promotes cognitive skills but also enhances their understanding of prepositional language as they describe the locations of the items.

Pattern detectives

Encourage children to become pattern detectives by building and identifying repeated patterns with the Metallics. Can they spot the pattern, explain what is happening, and predict what will come next or alternatively, can they spot patterns on the Metallics? Challenge the children to create their own patterns, going beyond linear lines, and explore patterns in different directions. This activity supports critical thinking and creativity.


Supporting schematic interests

The Marvellous Metallic collection is a fantastic resource for children with schematic interests. They can experiment with movements such as rolling, spinning, twisting, and turning. Some children may enjoy hiding the objects under voiles (thin transparent materials) before revealing them or transporting them to different areas using their hands, containers, or baskets. These activities cater to individual preferences and support different learning styles.


Sensory exploration & self-regulation

Encourage children to use the Metallic surfaces on the pebbles etc to observe facial features and explore different feelings and emotions. The mirrored surfaces can be used to scan the room behind them, creating a sense of connection and belonging even from a distance.

The ‘Magpie Effect’ and the fascination children have with shiny objects such as the Marvellous Metallics offer an incredible opportunity for learning and play. The range provides endless possibilities for developing cognitive, motor, imaginative, and sensory skills. By engaging children in activities that involve sorting, counting, constructing, imagining, and more, we can spark their curiosity and create an enriching learning experience that will stay with them for years to come. Let the magic of shiny objects unlock your child’s potential!