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Sustainability and climate change at TTS

At TTS, we believe that being a responsible business is synonymous with being a purpose-led business. Therefore, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Posted on Thursday 16th March 2023

At TTS, we believe that being a responsible business is synonymous with being a purpose-led business. Therefore, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. So, what are our key focuses for supporting the environment and helping to tackle climate change this year and beyond?




Achieve net zero: We’ll cut emissions from our processes by 90% or more. Whilst also aiming to offset where we can’t reduce further to achieve the net zero goal by 2035.

Establish a circular economy: The key to preventing climate change is a circular economy; reduce, reuse, recycle. Wherever possible we’ll support our goal of buying recycled content.  We will also recycle old products at end of life to contribute to making new products we sell.

ISO 14001 certification: Our ISO 14001 certification means we’re recognised as having a robust environmental management plan in place and demonstrates our commitment to working with our partners on shared sustainability goals.


Teaching sustainability

On the topic of sustainability, we aim to go beyond supplying innovative resources. We also aim to provide solutions and guidance on how educators can approach subjects and apply them in the classroom. Particularly in recent times, sustainability and climate change has become an integral part of our everyday lives. It is an important topic that should be highlighted in every curriculum.

Shining light on the significance of sustainability from a young age encourages the future generation to do their part in contributing to society. When it comes to teaching sustainability, it can easily be integrated into many schools’ subject areas; whether it’s research into the cause of climate change in science, using mathematics to understand the concept of carbon footprints, or exploring sustainable materials in D&T, our resources can inspire new ways to educate children on these important topics.

By working with influential experts and educators, we can develop lesson plans and resources to use to keep sustainability at the top of the agenda in schools. We want educators to teach children about climate change in a positive way, encouraging them to feel empowered that they can make change themselves. We want them to face challenges constructively and be aware of ways we can help build a brighter future for everyone.


United Nations sustainability targets

At TTS, we aligned our goals to the 2023 United Nations (UN) Sustainability targets. We will continue to improve how we manage key risks and opportunities, to develop our people to improve systems and processes with the aim of delivering increasingly more sustainable outcomes. Here are how our goals reflect those of the United Nations sustainability targets:

  • Clean water and sanitation: We’ll play our part in improving water quality by ensuring there’s no hazardous material in anything we buy. We will also take steps to prevent leakage and spillages of substances.
  • Affordable and clean energy: We’ll use energy from our on-site renewable sources to produce our goods and services wherever possible.
  • Sustainable cities and communities: We know a joint approach can have a bigger impact. Therefore, we will support our customers, supply chain, and employees to reduce their impact too.
  • Responsible consumption and production: We’ll buy responsibly to ensure that our products can be re-used, re-engineered, re-manufactured, or sent for recycling and energy recovery.
  • Climate action: We’ll cut emissions from our manufacturing processes to achieve new zero and develop a climate resilience plan.
  • Life below water: We’ll eradicate single-use plastic from our packaging. We will only use plastics recovered from the seas for the manufacture of our resources.
  • Life on land: We’ll focus on using sustainable materials in our resources. As well as supporting biodiversity through planting shade trees for schools.
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions: We’re committed to doing our homework when it comes to keeping up with the latest science.  We ensure compliance with new laws and regulations.
  • Partnership for the goals: We’ll partner with organisations that share our ambitions and seek new innovation through connections and our supply chain.


At TTS, Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to helping educators achieve their goals and have peace of mind that they’re shopping sustainably. As we aim to achieve our long-term goals, these are just some of the ways we seek to become a more sustainable business and tackle climate change.

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