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Case Study: Kirktonholme Nursery review the Bamboo Eco Bed

Find out the different ways in which Kirktonholme Nursery uses the TTS Bamboo Eco Bed and the impact it has had in their setting.

Posted on Monday 23rd January 2023

Broomhill Nursery, part of the Kirktonholme Childcare group, shared their experience of using the TTS Bamboo Eco Bed in their brand-new nursery setting and the impact on children’s learning outcomes.

Our nursery needed to have a nurturing place for rest, relaxation, and sleep. To Coorie, to snuggle and nestle. One of our aspirations at Kirktonholme is to offer Coorie; a perfect place for every child’s wellbeing. The Bamboo Eco Bed from TTS has enabled us to create a feeling of being snug sheltered, safe, and cosy.

Kirktonholme Nursery

Bamboo Eco Bed – A Little Nook of Happiness

It’s perfect for children to self-select and climb inside. Through using it, we identified that it allows the adult to remain outside of the bed comfortably.  
The Bamboo Eco Bed is not just a place to sleep! As we know most children sleep anywhere.
This little ‘nook of happiness’ allows any child who wants to take a moment of calm, to process their thoughts and ideas, to involve themselves in ‘learning by looking on’, or to use it as their ‘look out post’.
It allows them to sayI’m still here, but I need a moment! I’m thinking and I can do that myself, but I know you are there for me when I’m ready to join back in.”

A Peerie Book Nook too! 

We soon noticed that a few of our little ones were keen to ‘chill’ but still engage in reciprocal interactions. One of the first windows of opportunity for language comes early in our little ones lives.

Research shows that babies start out able to distinguish the sound of all languages, but by six months of age they are no longer able to recognise sounds that are not heard in their native tongue.

As they hear the patterns of sound in their own language, a different cluster of neurons in the auditory cortex of the brain responds to each sound.

While we capture moments of ‘chatter’ in our little coorie spaces, we are building brain power! By six months of age, our children will have difficulty picking out sounds they have not heard repeated often. 

This little oasis of eco heaven is a perfect environment for us to surround our babies and toddlers with language, love, and laughter.

A connection to our values  

The environmentally considered material of the Bamboo Eco bed fitted in with our values; we are an eco-friendly nursery.  

Although there is a variety of places for our little ones to rest up, the TTS Bamboo Eco Bed has proven a comfortable, practical, and incredibly robust alternative.  

Our teams love to create little invitations, to add ‘treasures’ to entice and intrigue the children to want to find the space to process their thinking or rest their thinking and daydream. 
The Bamboo Bed provides freedom to opt for where and when they play or rest.

Me and My friends

By placing an invitation to engage in the Bamboo Eco Beds, we have noticed it creates a small and focused place for visual stimulation away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger play spaces. 
As a child gazes at you, it seems as though they are looking right into your thoughts sometimes. In fact, the development of their ability to see is very much like them learning to walk, it takes time.
Our smallest humans are not born with all the abilities they need to use their eyes. They must learn to move their eyes accurately, to focus them and then use all their visual abilities together.

For our youngest of children to learn and remember something, they need to stop, pause and pay attention. They must develop their ability to focus on a person, object or happening while ignoring other interesting things in the environment.  
Focus and concentrated attention can be challenging in a busy, noisy space!

The little Bamboo Eco Bed supports this to happen. 

With thanks to Kirktonholme Nursery and Alice Sharp for providing this detailed review.