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Getting started with the Immersive Projector

Would you like to go on a magical journey of exploration and learning with the Immersive Projector? If so, here are some helpful hints and tips to get you started.

Posted on Tuesday 03rd January 2023

Getting started with the Immersive Projector

From providing rich language opportunities and developing mathematical concepts, to scientific exploration and storytelling, the Immersive Projector offers children infinite learning experiences and different ways to express themselves. But the question you may be asking yourself, is how do I set it up and get started?

Here are a few hints and tips which may help to answer some of the questions you may have:

How to create a space for the Immersive Projector?

  • To get the best effects, the Immersive Projector works well in a darkened room with clear light walls. If the area is too light, then the shadows may not show up as clearly.
  • Create a darkened space by using blinds, sugar paper or fabric to block any light from windows. Alternatively, use a pre-existing sensory space, small room or storage area if available.
  • If you have limited space, you may wish to create an enclosed area using a dark den, pop up tent, or the children may even wish to make a den of their own to explore in.
  • Best used in a corner where the shadows can be seen clearly on the walls and ceiling rather than a larger area.

Imaginative play with light

What size space do I need?

  • The Immersive Projector is 65cm in diameter. This measurement will need to be taken into consideration when thinking about the area you would like to use.
  • The amount of space needed will depend on how you would like to use it and what you want to achieve. Used on a 1:1 basis, the space required is minimal. A bigger space will be needed for larger groups of children.
  • If you have limited space but would like to explore light and shadows with your children, why not try the Early Years projector instead.

What materials and resources can I use with the projector?

  • The beauty of the Immersive Projector is that many resources and materials can be used alongside it. However, having a range of different materials such as those that are opaque, transparent, translucent, and patterned are great for exploration and encouraging curiosity.
  • Children may like to use recycled materials such as old sweet wrappers, or different packaging such as bubble wrap, tissue paper or cellophane. Alternatively, they may choose small world resources that can transform play by making large looming characters or a smaller miniature world.
  • Have a variety of different sized resources to use with the dome. Children can experiment and explore the language of size.

Exploring materials through light

Can I move the Immersive Projector?

  • The Immersive Projector is rechargeable. It can be moved and used in different spaces quite easily (placed by an adult only). Once charged, it can be used for several hours with no trailing wires.

Safety Features

  • Suitable from 10 months onwards.
  • Lumen tested so safe for young eyes.
  • Cool to touch so that children are safe to play on or around the dome.
  • Polycarbonate dome with silicone edging makes this resource strong and robust with no sharp edges.
  • Once charged, remove all cables so there are no wires to obstruct play.

Immersive Projector with polycarbonate dome

Finally, have fun exploring and be sure to share your immersive adventures with us.